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how much exercise


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any ideas will be good


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Well, i have been walking dog briskly for 45 mins(ish) or cycling or wii fit. the one thing i have noticed best results is the wii sport active. I've been really busy last couple of weeks and not done it but for the fortnight i did i felt my upper arms, tummy and bum were looking so much better.
I put new batteries in the wii fit today so going to make myself use that as much as i can.


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when I first started doing cd the only exercise I did was walking... Now I have started swimming to and have been for an induction at the gym but havent done too much there yet!
As you are not having that many calories I wouldn't advise to do much exercise.. What programme are you following? x


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my CD said that now i'm in full swing, i can start doing some exercise...but i wouldnt recommend it at the beginning unless your used to doing it.
So just some slow cycling and light weights......
build it up when your used to it each week i would imagine.
I cant wait to join a gym.....but not doing it until i can be a skinny gym bunny! lol


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ive been going tow the gym for two weeks now nearly everyday and do a good hour i didnt go today as just started the diet and feel quiet down but defo going tommorow my trainer has given me a programme to follow which is 25mins on treadmil 5 to 7 km on bike and just lounges and arm wieghts
which im getting used to

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