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how much loss in 1 week.

So fed up with everyones negitive comments about this diet. My OH has just booked us a week away to egypt (we have been waiting to book it for a while) if i stick to this diet for the week, how much will i loose? Obviously i know everyone is different but if you can just tell me of your losses on week 1. When i get home i will get back to my CDC and get more stock. xx
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Its not uncommon for people to lose around 8-10 lb in the first week but I'm sure most of that is water weight so it may go back on just as quickly too - which is why I think a lot of folks will continue into week two.


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I agree with Aseyan. It is mostly water weight. Eat a few potatoes and it'll go back on. It's later in the diet that you really lose weight.

But it is nice to see the scales go down so quickly!


please try again
i lost 14lb in my first week. i think its meant to be roughly 5-7lb water weight and you tend to lose more weight the first few weeks if you are of the larger nature ( i started with 14 stone to lose )

also if your a lower carb eater then you will lose on the lower avarage the first week, as you can tell i was a carb addict!


please try again
as for those with negative comments to make about the diet, tell them to google and reserch the diet and also to google the effects of being overweight and then they can let you know thier opinions :)

your doing the plan for you and not them anyway so just ignore the comments hun


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The first time I lost 12lbs. But every other first week I have had (I have been trying to restart a lot) I lost a stone.

It depends how much glycogen and water your body has been storing I think.

Ignore the negative comments. It's by far one of the safest and most effective diets around! x
I only lost 2lbs in my first week.

I then lost a stone in the next 10 days.

But like the others are saying, it's just a quick win to get you going. The real weight loss (FAT loss) comes later on.
Okay thats great thanks for all your comments, you have all done well. iam thinking of just healthy eating until i go, and will start the diet wen i cum home, saves me wasting my money, xxx

Just thought I would add i lost 11lbs in my first week and on average 4-5lbs a week after for 10 weeks - there isnt anything negative about that!!!
I lost 8lb my first week and then 6lb the following week so the stone gone over 2 weeks.

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