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How Much Lost and How Long Did It Take?

I started my diet in feb and so far have lost 5 st i eased up with the diet as I was looking after someone and so I found it hard to do both but I maintained and now im back on it again ...So hopefully going to lose the other 5st .........I found it alot easier to write a food diary, and then you can look aback on wat was a good week and wat was a bad week,,,,,good luck.....
Well so far I've lost 8 stone in just over 2 years on Xenical, 9 stone since I started my weight loss journey. One of the other girls has lost a seriously phenomenal amount of weight ( total inspiration she is :D and you can look at her diary here..http://www.minimins.com/xenical/165...ge-lots-motivation-spirit-dedication-3-a.html
Try not to look at Xenical as some kind of miracle drug, look at it as an aid to your weight loss. Yes it will help you, but only if you do the hard work and make the lifestyle changes.
Hiya :) Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Much appreciated. You have both done so well. I hope it work for me too. I'm only 3 days in but so far so good.

Thanks for that link. All I can say is WOW!!!!!! She has done amazingly and I will be following her new challange. Hasn't she done soooo well.

I started taking Xenical in July, this year and I have lost 39lbs :eek: That's 17.6 kilos, a terrific loss for anyone, but......... it's the measurements that tell the real story, I used to wear size 28 - 30 I am now into 20 - 22 an overall lost of 8", 9" off my waist. Xenical works if you obey the rules and take up a new hobby, reading food labels ;)
hi ya miss kassy
i have not long started too so we can do it together. my first month weight in and ive lost 10 pounds. x
Well done Vicklee, thats so good. Yes, we will have to do it together. I'll add you now :)

My first weigh in was supposed to be tomorow night but I dont know wether to wait another week as if I have not lost much I may get disheartened.

i know how you feel i didnt lose this week and was ready to give up but after talking to the girls on here im giving it other go as last week was mtotm and i dont think i was eatting enough so my body was storing everything i eat.
come on girl we can do it, how much u wanna lose? x
Hiya hun.

I have decided I will get weighed but not let it get me down if I dont lose much and try again. Yes, we can do it!!!! hehehe.

I want to lose 6 and a half stone and get back to around 9 stone. How about you? xx
about 6 and a half. weght doesnt really bother me, im dress size im aiming for. i wanna be a 12 to start then a 10 ect
about 6 and a half. weght doesnt really bother me, im dress size im aiming for. i wanna be a 12 to start then a 10 ect
I know I am getting boring but repetition for emphasis, measure yourself especially keeping a note of your loss on your waist as that is the ones that the Docs are interested in. I have found that in my case my measurements drop before the scales show it so I only go on the scales once or twice a month whereas I will measure myself once or twice a week.
hello chick sorry been working all week and haven't got on here.
how you doing?
i was a bit pe'ed off this week i went to my doc to get weighted and he said i had only lost 2kg (about 4 pound i think) which i know isnt true as i weight myself the same day i started zen on my scales and then again before i went dr and i lost 12 pounds in a month. i had to tell him he was wrong lol, i know all scales r diferent but not that different.
im going by my scales now.

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