How much 'media' coverage do you do if Slimmer of the Year?


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My CDC is encouraging me to apply for Slimmer of the Year. I am interested, but Im wonder just how much media you have to do, they types of media you do, and what else is expected if you win. The reason I ask, is that being a teacher, I dont need every student knowing how I lost weight etc., I also dont think my family would approve. So before I complete the application, I wanted to make sure I had all the facts!!!


hey shout it from the roof tops, what an acheivement, I am sure anyone who cares for you would be so proud and those that dont, well who cares what they think!!!!
To be honest, Leighann, as a teacher myself, I know exactly where you're coming from! I personally would never do any publicity (although i've been approached), as it could make my life very awkward at work.

I think most of the slimmer award publicity is done within Cambridge circles, but I can't be sure that it wouldn't be publicised elsewhere. Perhaps you should check with Cambridge directly?

Jo x
Hi Leighann,

It can be quite a lot - Last years winner was in a national mag, is used in some advertising (counsellors adverts, flyers) etc. It depends on a variety of factors to be honest. If you want to talk about this further please PM or call me.

Cheers, Kerensa