How much more and when?

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  1. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Hi all :)

    How much more weight do you want to loose and when do you hope to loose it by?

    I have 3.5 stone to loose and would ideally like to reach my goal by March :)

    Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!! :D:D:D

    Hugs x
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  3. MissAma

    MissAma Silver Member

    I'm sure you will Emma, you have the right attitude!

    I have 18 pounds more left I believe. Maybe a bit less. Not sure by when, February or March, I plan to start going up my own made steps in a few more pounds so it may well take longer.
  4. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    2 stone to goal and i'll lose it when i lose it :D did think might be at goal by end of jan..but i boubt it somehow thats really pushing it! so anytime around feb would be good! lets see. I'll enjoy getting there :D
  5. trisha

    trisha likes to post

    I've 18 lbs or so to go as well don't know how long it will take though as I keep cheating :(
  6. Aseyan

    Aseyan Full Member

    Well since I'm just starting I have about 6 stone to lose. I'm hoping to hit this goal by July 4th. I didn't set the date for any reason other than, its Independence Day for the states :)
  7. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

    i still have 10 stone to go, hope to get there before next christmas
  8. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    WI was today, another 3lb gone... have 6lb to go... then the hard work of trying to keep it off starts!
  9. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    3 stone and would like it off by April
  10. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    I have 8 stones to go and hoping to do it by next October. :) but before would be nice.
  11. coley144

    coley144 Creating my life

    2 stone 12 pounds to go. I want it gone by the end of April if poss.

    Aseyan - I love the reason behind your goal date. The symbolism of Independence day sounds fantastic to me.
  12. Mrs Taurus

    Mrs Taurus Silver Member

    1st 3 to healthy bmi, 1st 11 to original goal and 2st 4 to a dream weight. Healthy bmi goal by May,the rest by this time next year.No rush as I am quite happy as I am, and got a few social occassions Jan/feb and a holiday in feb. Am hoping to be saintly again March and April- treats in May as loadsa birthdays and a good June to follow. I am in no rush as I love cd packs! Also having a bit of a normal life along the way.x
  13. blush

    blush Full Member

    3 stones to loose and would like to do it by april -easter time, setting small goals along the way to get some sort of achievement reward, hopefully size 14 by valentines day and have a planned meal out xxx
    finding ss hard but just keep reminding myself i dont want to be the only fat person at my sister in laws wedding in july! esp since everyone else is a size 6!!!
  14. sbridge7

    sbridge7 Silver Member

    Around 5lbs! Hopefully within the next few weeks ;)
  15. thinfor30

    thinfor30 Full Member

    2lbs to go.

    They might be gone by my WI on Tuesday morning but they'll certainly be back on by Boxing Day!

    I'm happy to stabilise to be honest and work the plans, do more exercise and feel good about myself. I still feel 'big', even though I weigh lower than I ever have. Odd.
  16. TrueBlueAngel

    TrueBlueAngel I WILL be thin!!

    I have 11lbs left to go but I'm having a break for Christmas and New Year (being sensible but having a little of what I fancy) so I know I will need to lose more, but I'm ok with that.
  17. parisbeach

    parisbeach Silver Member

    I havent really got a weight where i want to be, but maybe 3st, then see from there. hopefully i could achieve this by DH birthday in April.
  18. Nicki-M

    Nicki-M Full Member

    Hi Emma,
    I would like to lose between another 2 - 3 stone depending on how I look as I go lower....if I feel happy after I have lost another 2 stone then I will stop...but realisticly I think I won't be happy until I have a healthy BMI of at least 25 which I need to be about 11 st 10 lb...I do however think this maybe too small for me and probably mission impossible....I would like to be at my ideal weight by Easter that I can enjoy all the nice things that I will miss over Christmas!

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