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how much water can you get away with putting in milkshake to make it bigger


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I have made the milkshakes up to 1 pint before - they still taste good but I think i depends on your tastebuds.

Good luck with your journey

I make them up half at a time and use 7-8oz of water in each. I don't like them too strong!
I add in along with water about 6-7 ice cubes and leave it to mix for about 50secs, it comes out a nice texture, tasty, and d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s....and it´s a great start to your water intake for the day!! 1 Ltre and 1/2.



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I'm in the pint club too!


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You know I didn't know you can make them with a pint. LOL!!!

I usually add 500mls of water to it. For me the thicker it is the more filling I feel.
I do about 400 ml's as I find a pint too weak, but at the start I found 400mls too weak, so maybe it's just a case of slowly adding more until your tastes change:)

I agree with Dancings suggestion though of having a hot shake (Vanilla/Choc or Toffee and Walnut) with a spoon of coffee.

I can usually make 2 large mugs of drink from one shake then, which really fills me up:)

Mrs B

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I use a pint of water to either a half or whole pack. Using half a pack is fine now but I tried it when I started and it was awful - you have to get used to it. I use a half pack at breakfast time so I can have supper too, lol.

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