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How much water do you use to mix shake/soup


finding my way again !
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hi cluck
depends how i'm feeling, 250 mls produces a nice thick creamy texture, but if i want it less rich i add more water (about 300-350 mls)
hope that helps you
good luck onyour journey
I diddn't like the after taste left from mixing 1 packet with 250ml of water.

So what I do now is half each packet. When it is time to take them I mix the half with 300ml of water and I have no problem drinking them now.

good luck.


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I just make them with 227ml and they have been okay for me. If I really dont like the flavour then I add more water to dilute it.

Good Luck :)



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Thanks everyone, that's really useful. Just off to make my first one now!!

mrs tweedy

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I make my hot toffee walnut with 450mls of water and add one tablespoon of psyllium husks a sweetener tablet and a couple of shakes of cinnamon and it's just like eating weak readybrek! LOL (with some imagination) xx (add the psyllium husks to the bowl after blending or they break down and go gloopy)

The other flavours I usually use around 300mls I find that suits my tastebuds xx Its all trial and error really, just personal preferance xx


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I like to make mine very watery:)

Let us know how it goes.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Mrs Tweedy and Mini,

I guessed that it would be personal preference! I had quite a watery shake which was okay but found it hard to drink it all in one go. The soup I made with 300mls which was better but I did add pepper and tabasco!!

I'd thought I'd be okay with the aftertaste but has made me feel a bit queasy - but from reading on here, the first three days are the worst so first day done - can't wait for the next two to be done!!

x x


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Hi Cluck

I do more water. I don't like them too strong, you get more and the extra fluid goes towards your water intake. I use up to about 500ml you will get to know which flavours you like stronger than others.

Best wishes on VLCD.

Dizzy x
No to Tabasco!!!!

Hi Mrs Tweedy and Mini,

The soup I made with 300mls which was better but I did add pepper and tabasco!!

Hi Cluck,

There was a thread about a week ago asking about tabasco sauce. Don't know how to attach a link, but if you go into the search option on the blue bar and type in "is Tabasco allowed" it will bring up a few threads, it is the one started by need-to-lose. The advice given on this thread is no to Tabasco sauce, not anymore, because of the ingrediants. See the quote below:

Originally Posted by CD Counsellor

Tabasco is not recommended but I know many use this without problems.

The cinnamon and nutmeg - wait until week three then check to see it doesn't take you out of ketosis. Nutmeg is lovely on top of the vanilla or banana. Banana mousse made from the Tetra with nutmeg on the top tastes just like egg custard.

lg of curry powder can be added to the soups, again with some people it can make them hungry.

Never add anything salty so no soy sauce or worcestershiresauce but any pepper is okay.


Sorry, I got excited when I saw I could use tabasco too, but instead I used the curry powder with the soup. It's alright.