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how much????

Good one!

was 12 stone n ideally I want to be 10st but have set sights at 10st 5!


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Brill :) well I'm dyn to weigh myslf but I'm on TOM so dnt kw wht will happin.... Will I gain or hv lost.... Hmmm
I'm in same boat love u weigh heavier don't u but we will b fine nxt wk lolz hopefully wen it's finished that is! X


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I was a shocking 17st 10lbs when I started. In my 4th week now and have lost 5lbs so far. An ideal weight for my height is 10st 10lbs, giving me a BMI of 22, but I'm not sure if I'll get down to that weight. I think 11 and a half may be better for me. I don't want to be too thin, so I'll see how I feel when I get closer to target :)


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From my restart on Saturday I weighed 11 st 12 I want to be 9 st 12 by September it's my 50th in December and want to be 50 and fit


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I'm menopausal so my totm days r well and truly gone. Lol
Ah fab n fifty nice one peanuts! My hubby was 50 last yr he weren't happy but he a v young 50! He ain't got much choice as I am 16 yrs younger lol xx


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My hubby's 59 this year but tries to be a young fifty lol wouldn't be without him though
Ah me too Hun x bless them x


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I'm currently 11st but at only 5ft3 it really shows. I want to get down to a nice comfortable 9st, so I have 2 stone to lose. I'll be happy with 9st7lbs though to be honest.

I was in Boots the other day to use their scales and it said on there that the ideal weight for my height is 7st8lbs!!!! I was shocked, I'd look anorexic at that weight!! My friend is 8st and is only 5ft and she looks far too skinny! Those scales should be more careful with what they say in my opinion!



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I think the same! My Wii told me my ideal weight would be 10st 5 (I'm 5ft 8), but I think even that is too low for me. I don't want to be a stick insect, I'd be happy being a size 12-14, so I think I might aim for the upper end of the healthy BMI range, and I might change my target to about 11 and a half stone.
Hi all.

I am 5'4" and I've just started SF - my current weight is 11st 5lbs and my target is 9st 7lbs.

This is the lightest I have been since I fell pregnant with my 3yr old daughter - so I am pleased, but have a ways to go yet!!


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I was a little sneaky (impatient really) and I weighed myself this morning (weigh in day in next weds) and after 2 days I have now gone down from 11st to 10st12lbs so i have lost 2lbs :) made me smile. I'm not banking on it being the same after the weekend though to be honest ;)
I am currently 16 stone 6. I am 5 foot 11 and hold my weight quite well. My ideal weight is apparently about 11 stone but I have been that before and was told I looked ill (too thin) I lost 4 stone on slimfast a while ago now (about 10 years ago!) but had another child so I gained and then last year I broke my tib and fib so was pretty immobile for months as it was a really bad break that needed an op and a rod and pins inserted in my leg. I went on holiday at christmas and came back 17 stones 10!!:eek: but I think a lot of that was fluid as my leg was so swollen and it came down again. Would like to lose anout 4 stone I think. Really not happy in my own skin right now. Getting more mobile now so hopefully that will help with the weight loss.
I started my diet a couple of months ago at 17st 12lbs and lost a stone with Cambridge diet. Unfortunately can't afford to carry on so have moved to slimfast. I am only 5ft 4inch so its a lot of weight to carry. I hope to lose 3 stone using slimfast and then use a healthy eating plan and exercise to get down to about 12 stone. I know 12 stone would probably be a high BMI but it will be lower than I have ever been and think I will be happy there.

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