How Soon?


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This is a really tricky question as it depends on so many things - how tight your clothes are, how much you have to lose, how much water you drink etc.

But most people will probably find that their clothes feel looser by the end of the first week.


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Thanks Guys

My jeans I got weighed in have felt a little looser but the trousers I am wearing this morning seem just as tight as before, but my tummy looks smaller in them? So confusing. I am on Day 6 today - so I should see an improvement hopefully next week.

Thanks Again


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This is an interesting question.

Like a lot of people I thought I felt thinner quite quickly(and of course in reality I was), but couldn't see any difference when looking in the mirror. That is why taking regular photographs is so important, as is taking regular measurements of yourself.

I think it really started to make a difference for me when a life-long friend walked past me without recognising me.

Sorry, I digress. In terms of clothes sizes. for the first 4-5 weeks, my clothes went from tight to baggy. Then, the shrinking really took off and I was dropping a trouser size every month.

Good luck


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I noticed after Week1.
I went to a wedding a few weeks back and the size 22's were just that bit tight so I went for a 24, and now my 22's fit again. :)



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By the time I started the clothes were way too tight on me and it was a case of buying another Big Size or making I made do.

My tight clothes felt okay the second week and by the fifth week I was down a clothes size or more on top!!!

Like Brad I needed the photos to help me see the difference as my head was slow to catch up.

Love Mini xxx


I ate my willpower!
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I have taken week 1 pics and will take some more after week 4 and see the difference! Thanks for all your comments x