How to curb those nasty cravings!!


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Hi All

I have just tried this as I have been craving sweet things whilst watching movie with kids. Got it from Paul McKenna website. I found it really good - hope it helps others if you have a real craving

Let me know what you think!!


1. Think of a food you habitually crave.
2. Now, think of a food that you find totally disgusting. You need to be able to remember or imagine it vividly for this process to work well. Some people believe that there’s nothing they wouldn’t eat, but what about hair from a barber’s shop floor, or the contents of a spittoon?
3. Imagine or remember that awful taste and feel how disgusted you feel. As you keep remembering this, squeeze your thumb and middle finger together on your left hand. Repeat this process as many times as you need until you feel utterly disgusted.
Remember, you need to find something that’s totally repulsive in order for this process to work. Once again squeeze your left thumb and middle finger together and imagine swallowing that disgusting substance. Keep doing this over and over again, until you feel ready to wretch!
4. Now, as you squeeze your left thumb and middle finger together, remembering how disgusting that taste is, imagine eating some of the food you no longer want to crave. Imagine the tastes of the two getting mixed in together, so you can taste the food you craved with the food that makes you feel repulsed.
5. Keep repeating this process until you can’t get any compulsion for that food you used to crave.
Because your old craving food was giving you good feelings, we now need to reprogram your mind to automatically give you those good feelings at the times when in the past you would have comfort eaten. In other words, you now get to feel pleasure for no reason
Think about a time you felt really, really good. It might have been on vacation, being with friends and having fun, or having just fallen in love. Return to it like you are back there again right now. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel how good you felt.
As you feel those good feelings squeeze your thumb and fingers together on your right hand.
Now, as you remember those good feelings, imagine taking them with you into the places where you used to emotionally eat. Imagine being in those situations now, without any cravings, feeling how good it feels to be back in control…
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I think I'll be visualising CD broccoli & cheese soup :yuk:

Thanks for posting, I think I will print it off and give it a go...


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hiya.. thanks for posting this.. i will give this a go, as i find after about a week on CD the cravings hit hard.