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How was your day?


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I've been pretty good everyday. Was annoyed today as I was out shopping I was starving and saw those walkers baked crisps and remembered someone said they were low in PP until I got home and realised they were 4pp I was gutted. Luckily I don't use my weeklies and I hadn't used my 29 so I was fine. They were the cheese and onion ones. Weigh in day 2moro. Hope I do well
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My wi tomorrow, iv had 3 mini crunchies today!! 2pp each but im craving chocolate soo much today!!
Id rather hav 2 bags of frech fries than walkers baked.
After my wi tomorrow i want some walkers salt n vinagar, havent had any for 5 weeks and they were my fav! Good luck :)

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Yeah I was eating mine while driving thinking these are really nice for 2pp which Is what I thought they were haha , I was raging when I got home. I'd never use 4pp on a treat unless it was 2 of something haha. Food wise have you been doin okay Carly? Yeah I've been craving choc too , I had a dairymilk at the weekend but I pointed it so I am guilt free :)


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Customers at work kept talking to me like I was stupid! So I was in a pretty bad mood all day.

Food wise -2 points over, really needed that biscuit :p Just hoping these points here and there won't make too much of a difference. I'm going to be really good tomorrow though! Need to throw more fruit and veg in there.
Uumm yes ok i think??? I went out for tea last tues after wi, to frankie n bennies but saved over 20 dailys and used about 29weeklies for that too (very high but soo worth it)
Then i was strict for 3days with big sessions too. Then on saturday i went to r local indian but i had a tiny amount of food. 1poppodom,1 onion bhaji,3pieces of chicken tikka pieces,3 spoons of masala sauce with boiled rice and 1/4 naan. Good for me cos i love indian food!!! I kept 25of my dailys for that,earnt 10 activity points that day,and used the balance of my weeklies so hopefully that will cover it. I'll find out tomorrow i guess!
U weigh in the morning dont u??mines not til 6pm so i have to wait all day!!its horrible, iv weighed myself on the wii today and it says the same so i guess ill just have to wait and see xx

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Aww noo steph , nothing irritates me more than people thinking they are better!! Idiots. Who knows maybe you over pointed something else you ate and it will all even out.

Carly , seems like you are watching everything you eat which is great, I bet before you joined WW you wouldn't think of even counting the little things :) I bet we will all lose


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Yeah I'm gonna weigh in at 9.45am , i retain fluids so easily so I rather weigh in when I wake up and before breakfast!! Easier that way for a good loss
well done brilliant loss!!
Awww thanks girls.. It's slow process and I'll probably sts next week with my 30th being this weekend. I'm saving my weeklies for my booze!! I'd rather drink than eat haha
well done jo and 5% too :D:D

The walkers baked I think are 2 pp for the 25g multipack bag probably 4 for the 37g shop bag. I love them too:cry:


I need chocolate now!!!
Hi Michillinwoman, I'm in Limerick too!!! And on WW PPs too!

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