how we all doing

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Sam1309, 23 March 2010 Social URL.

  1. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Well-Known Member

    well ladies how we all getting on
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  3. Holliedollie

    Holliedollie Well-Known Member

    I lost another 3lbs this week :) rather chuffed, and i got drunk on saturday :O but i treated myself last night and had some cheescake, so no more cheating for me this week! how are u doin?
  4. marilou

    marilou Member

    Losing Weight

    Celebrity Slim is working for me when I stick with it. Three weeks to go until my holiday and two big events next week BUT I am going to stick at it!!
  5. Smurfette

    Smurfette Well-Known Member

    after a dodgy start to april (being on hols from school and cancelled wedding knocked my mojo) and i at my heaviest over the 2 weeks i was at 11st9lb :break_diet: but i decided last week to take charge (i know yet AGAIN) and i went and got some soups and bars as well as the shakes and find i am sticking much bettter to the diet and this morning i am at 11st 2 so yeah my first proper week of this and with my birthday in between where i treated myself to some chocolate i am down 7lbs definitely positive step... now to get over the next hump and get to the 10st something mark! :D
  6. crazeedaisy

    crazeedaisy Member

    Hi all just wanted to say hi and introduce my self. I am new to cs started on south beach two weeks ago but was finding breakfasts really hard as I dont eat eggs, I had a look at tis forum and all the current ad previous threads seemed really positive so I am now a convert. I started with the shakes on monday and actually am finding it easier than sb as the shakes are very flling and ben able to have 3 snacks is great if I get peckish between meals! Best of luck to every one on the diet. Well done on your weight loss smurfitt:)

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