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How's your day going?


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ok - ive not really been hungy - but am really bloated. am due "them" any day now and im like an anti Christ !!! Other than that ok - am weighing in either tonight or tomorrow, havent decided yet


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Oh bless you :( It's horrible feeling like that. Hope it's better soon x
Me well my bank debit card was cloned,had to cancel an important meeting as I had to wait in friends house for surveyor and I havent food in yet so had to have yet another sandwhich pointed but it will slow my loss down.......

How are you Leah ?? xx:)


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Not so bad thanks, got up at 8am for some workman to come out, wasn't hungry didn't have breakfast till 12 now put lunch in lol! other than that it's a boring day! Apart from Murray on the telly and footy later lol hope your all enjoying your days xx


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My day is going better than yesterday, my boss decided to buy loads of pizza for the football yeswterday, I allowed 2 slices within my points and ended up having 4, the condition to myself to have 2 slices was to have no dinner, but as well as the 4 slices I had mussells and loads of bread, so went way over my points. Have started afresh today!
I'm feeling incredibly fat today and very disappointed with myself. There is a girl at my work whose figure is just like I used to be, I see her walking about and then i look at how disgusting I am at the moment. Then what do I do.........eat crap. I need to sort myself out... Like I said earlier I have been good today, so I need to carry it on
Hope you're all doing well


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S: 10st12lb C: 9st11lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st1lb(9.87%)
Well.. my day was going ok until the car broke down :( The cam belt has snapped and we're not sure yet if it will be a write off.

Absolutely gutted. My hayfever is at its worst and I have a massive headache... I think i'm going to go to bed and stay there lol.

Sorry to be so down... I was really happy when I made the thread lol!


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i'm going to have a great day today.for no reason,,i've just decided that it will be a great day,,had porridge for brekkie and just back from 4 mile walk,,that reminds me.. i must go shower!!!

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