hubby got promotion today


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completly unexpected...he was phoned this morning and summoned to meet 'top bod' at airport at lunchtime. drop what youre doing he was told, cancel all your appointments and dont use your mobile, dont take any calls from the office until we see you. 'top bod' was flying over immedialty to see him.

we thought OMG....panic...whats happening...OMG..OMG...OMG
( as you do)

hubby was quite anxious driving up to meet 'topbod' he diddnt know why he was meeting him

anyway, as soon as he had finished his meeting, he called me to tell me the news...hubbys boss is leaving and he has been offered his job of director...


what a day..i said to him. you never thought that would happen to day when you got out of bed this morning
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WOW!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

A promotion, out of the blue, without having to go through 17 weeks of interviews!!! Complete result!!

How are you going to celebrate??


Not dieting ATM!
How exciting!!

...and you have just 7lb to goal too!

Sounds like you will need a massive shopping spree as you will need to dress the part of skinny directors wife!

I can feel a great Christmas ahead for your family.

Dizzy x