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Human flesh - free on Red?


I am one of the 63336
I've just emptied the washing machine and found some DS games that my 11 year old must have had on his bedroom floor which got gathered up with his dirty clothes when I nagged him about those on Monday.

It occurred to me that if I'm going to string him up for that, I may as well make use of his body afterwards ...... a touch of the Hannibal Lecter's!!! Syns for Chianti???

(On the very very vague offchance someone takes me seriously - I'm not REALLY going to do anything terrible to my son - except nag him ALL the way to school!!)
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LOL...this made me laugh so hard...I feel for ya suepat...my 3 kids are always doing daft things that really make me scream.



I will succeed!!!
I have to stop reading posts when drinking tea/water/juice as it's a choke hazard!

I don't have kids but I have niece and nephew who drive me barmy so I feel for parents! Teach him the hard way - replacements are for Christmas! That'll make him look after them eh?

Hugs to you Hannibal x


The Minis Bad Boy
Well without making myself sound too much like a freak. But I recently read a book on cannibalism and they said that flesh tastes like a tough veil but has the look and consistency of pork...... And as far as I know on a nice red day human flesh should be free. So go for it.

Though dont forget to trim the fat off.
I think human flesh would be free on red, you would need to weigh it on green, unless your eating me then you need to cut the fat off! but we could make a deal where you cut the fat off, eat that, and leave me to walk away thin!
i have this thing now that i dont check there pockets on purpose including my hubbys and chuck it in the machine anyway lol his wallet has been washed countless times. I think i should give up now before it costs me to much money and have to realise that its never gonna happen they will never empty there pockets lol
Our daughter used to do this all the time with her mobile. We were able to claim off the house insurance a couple of times.

Part of me wanted to stop checking her pockets (she should do it) but part of me had to, it's just the hassell of sorting new mobile out, shouting at her 'again' etc.

Fortunately she has practically moved out, yeaaaaah! And I don't have the problem and she seems to have 'grown out' of it. Phew just my son to leave home then I'll be a happy bunnie!