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Hunger pains

So today I am nearly at the two weeks in stage and can't understand why I feel hungry? I am sure last time I did CD the ketosis stopped the stomach growling!!! I am drinking the right amount of water and green tea, I did go for a long walk today making the most of the sunshine so this could possibly be a factor. What do you think.? Is there anything I can do to push beyond this feeling, I purposely did not cook a roast for the family today as I didn't want to be tempted to pick at the chicken.
Dolly x:
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i get hungry a fair bit, despite being 100% on ss. Largely i put it down to stress triggering cortisol production. otoh, i'm nowhere close to as hungry as I should be on 500 calories a day, so... :D
Thanks spangles, and put like that yes, my body should really be screaming at me for so few calories!!!
Today is 2 weeks exactly but as I have thrown the scales away I am completely ignorant to how I am doing after my initial first week 8 ibs loss
I'm hungry every day about 4-5pm but seem to get through it, it might have been the walk though you never know!
I never feel hungry, first few days were hard but now Im used to it.

I get a few hunger pangs around 7:30 when I get home so I have my shake (have first one when I get to work around 9:30am). Then I use my treadmill and cos exercising does make you feel hungry I have my last CD meal after that, around 10pm. I can honestly say I dont even feel slightly hungry
It's bizarre how our bodies react, today however has been a different story and I feel fine and I have had a walk but a shorter one than on Sunday. Can I ask what you do on your treadmill? I have only allowed myself tonwalk on mine for an hour at 5.6kmh. I would like to increase to jogging but am not going to push my body into shock for a few weeks yet as I dont want to slow down my weightless as this will happen naturally towards the end.
Dolly x
I used to do 6kmh but then I found out I had a problem with my food and using such speed is not helping so I have lowered it to 3.5kmh and I do 30 mins in the morning and 30-40 at night. My CDC said it is better to walk than jog, plus Im really heavy and the pressure of jogging would not to me any favours at the moment! Im going to walk myself into a size 10!! xxxx

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