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Hey there,

im halfway through my second week of SW (this is my second time doing it I did it last year before covid hit but then stopped). My weigh in day is Friday but I usually weigh myself halfway through the week to see how I’m doing. Last week I lost 5 pounds and I was delighted and when I weighed myself halfway through the week I’d already lost 2 pounds. But this week I went to weigh myself today which is my half way point before Fridays weigh in and I’ve lost nothing. I don’t understand cos I’m doing everything the same as last week (maybe haven’t gone on as many walks?) and now I’m worried I won’t lose anything this week. Am I over stressing?
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Completely overstressing. The SW plan lends that you don't need exercise in order to loose that following your basics of the plan and you should loose every week. However your cycle can dictate your losses too something which can affect it on both ovulation week and star week. Just keep to plan and make sure you have 1/3 speed and I'm sure you'll see a loss on weigh day.


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Thanks for your reply. I think you’re right I’m over stressing. I actually have an exam coming up that I’ve been studying for this week and I’ve been really worried about so I think maybe stress can have something to do with it I find it’s harder to lose weight when I’m stressed. But yes lots of speed and stick to syns and hopefully they’ll still be a good loss xx


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Wow that is a great loss for your first week, congratulations 👏
I agree that our cycles do effect our weight loss but it always catches up. Stick with it. The loss will come im sure