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this last few days I have been feeling really hungry no matter how much I eat. I feel like I'm eating as much as I usually do but still feel hungry quicker.

So, do I eat even more...... don't really want to, am a bit bored at work at the minute and stressed with wedding preps (5 weeks to go) so not sure if thats the reason or if I'm not eating enough in the first place, had a 3.5 lb gain last week but have plenty of reasons why that was, star week, 3 days in a hotel, royal wedding party, easter egg but after that had 4 really good days on plan so would have hoped that would have helped but still a huge gain - could it be I'm in 'starvation mode' and not eating enough?

Really not trying to excuse a gain but am just wondering cos I am soooooo hungry!!
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If you are hungry then you are not eating enough! Don't feel guilty for eating more than usual, just eat more! As long as it's superfree, or at least free, you have nothing to feel guilty about. If your body is in starvation mode you need to eat more to kickstart the losses again!

Good luck xx

Lady A

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Hi Kerry,

I agree with Maverick. You should eat to satisfy your hunger as it may cause you to binge if you don't eat enough. Try a few green days which is what I usually do when I'm having days like this. xx


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thanks ladies, I just felt like after such a big gain I might be making excuses, I will follow your advice and eat more, trouble is I'm at work so only have what I've brought so will do my best until I get home.

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