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Husband's booked a surprise meal tonight but .......

......I'm at end of week SS and doing so well :(

Here's the dilemma - I moaned at him recently that he never does anything for me. I'm 40 in a few weeks but had to cancel all celebrations as I'm having a back op next week.

He's told me carriages at 8.30pm, babysitter booked, dress hanging up for me to wear....so not like him but I'm 100% focused on diet.

If I say I don't want to go then he'll be upset at the effort he's gone to plus I can't complain about his lack of effort again. But I weighed myself this morning & my target for Monday is 4lb which I've hit today. Undo all that hard work?!

What would you do?
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this time - the last time
I would go and only eat protein.

He's put in so much effort - I would want to encourage and praise my OH if he did that!

I know its hard whilst you're in the zone - but life goes on - you can't hide away and avoid things.

I know lots of people will have other opinions - but if it was me - this is what I would do!
I agree, I would also go. How lovely that he's planned all this for you, a really nice suprise and if you eat protein and get back on the plan tomorrow hopefully you won't have a blip. Even if you do though, it's only one week.

Enjoy yourself - as they say in the advert .... "You're worth it" !!! xx
You must go, he will never do anything for you again if you don't!


this time - the last time
DaisyDo said:
Ok gang I'm going - thinking steak & salad and NO WINE!

Thank you all, made me feel less like a criminal!
Ooh. Good choice. Jealous!
i would go and eat carefully too. very sweet of him to do it - but i wonder does he not understand about the diet?
Well, a good job I went - 10 friends there, table full of 40th birthday balloons, amazing cake & flowers!!

Had a lovely night, steak & salad & a couple of glasses if champagne, boy do I feel rough today!

Weigh day tomorrow so hoping for 4lb.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks for all your comments.


this time - the last time
Ahhh. Lovely.
Well Done for avoiding all the temptations last night.......I'm sure you won't have drifted too far off track, after all you made really good choices for your meal!

Onwards & Downwards! :)
Congratulations Great Loss :)

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