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I actually suck at this!!!

Yet again I have gained all the weight since joining like 6 weeks ago - I joined Slimming World Online but I have decided I just need to get my chunky ass to a class I need that extra support I think espesh in the lead upto Christmas.

I seem to go ok for a few weeks then as soon as I have a STS or a gain I just think what is the point!!!!

I am trying to change this attitude so tomorrow I am going to my first Slimming World meetin eeek!!!

I really really really want to do it this time so here goes!

I shall keep you posted on this thread on my journey - will post my weight tomorrow I know it will be probably over 12st AGAIN!:eek:

D x x x
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Good luck Dolly Rocker with weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed the damage is not too bad.

I hope you enjoy the SW meeting!

Hope you do well at the meeting ... you will have to tell us how it went....

Just think when you step on those scales that you never be that weight ever again:) Also when you weigh in meeting make sure you realise that they are different scales at a different time of day that what you might be weighing at the moment. Also if you are anything like me at home I wear nothing to weigh myself whereas I can't do this in public:eek::)

I think you are brave going to a meeting.... I am sending you positive vibes!

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Ah thanks ladies - it means a lot I love this forum!

Well I am 12st 1lbs - last time I started I was 12st 2lbs! So at least I didnt undo all my hard work LOL

My club 10 target is 10st 12lbs, think I am gonna just keep with my little 7lbs at a time targets tho that weight seems like a million miles off to me right now dont think I have been in the 10's for erm 10 years haha!

I shall keep you updated this little thread is gonna get very big whereas my big arse is hopefully gonna get very small tee hehehehe!

D x x x
Dolly Rocker....

You've done the hardest part ~ stepping on those scales and seeing that figure. From now on... the only way is down ... and I look forward to cheering you on your way to a slimmer self.What are you going to give yoursefl as a reward for stepping on those scales ~ non~food of course!!!!

So whats your game plan for the next 24 hours?

Write often ~ I need good ideas!

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Well the thing is I find it quite hard cos I work long hours so today I started at 11 finish at 9 so I try not to eat when I get home.

This means tho that I dont eat proper meals as such so for breakfast I had 2 alpen light bars, an apple & a activia snack pot for lunch I'm having 2 chicken mug shots with a nice side salad & an apple.

Later on I'll have a sweet & spicy sour mug shot, banana & a activia snack pot fat free

I wish I worked normal hours so I could cook proper meals!!

So the game plan is 1 day at a time on track

L xxx
Still going ok so far - my consultant said we should have 10 syns a day but yesterday I had 15 oooooooops!!!

Looking forward to getting weighed on Monday

D x x x


Just keep swimming
Its brilliant that you have got yourself back on the ban wagon! The groups are amazing an i find them very supportive! I have my fingers crossed for you !:)


Just keep swimming
p.s my consultant says anything between 5 and 15 syns a day and i still loose if i use 15 a day so dont be too worried :)
I to am like u ! Have all the "want" to lose weight and good for a couple of weeks and then I stay the same or a gain or simply can't help myself ! My sister lost 3 stone on sw, a girlfriend lost 3 1/2 too on sw and I look and think why can't I ??
Well little miss helpful lets do it!!!

I'm feeling good - I have been so stressed this week with work & stuff & its probably the first time I havent turned to food to deal with my emotions - I really really really really wanted to but managed to talk myself round, felt a bit crazy actually having an internal conversation with myself LOL but it worked!!!

So for this week I am 100% on plan yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Mind you this has only been since Tuesday but I think I'm doin well & I now know from my experience in the last few weeks that STS is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much better than a gain & I am not gonna eat my way through the week again just because of that - so onwards & downwards on the scales

D x x x
Well I went to Morrisons & done a shop - gonna make the steak & jacket potatos for dinner tonight & tomorrow the chilli.

Morrisons dont sell extra lean mince tho so I just picked up lean mince & its 15 syns for the whole packet eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Even if I eat half which I wont that would only be 7.5 syns so I'm just gonna syn it this time but next time if they dont sell it then I shall go to tesco to get the extra lean stuff!

My potato is in the oven right now off to get the rest of my dinner ready

D x x x
I know go me! I read the book & it says be prepared so I went armed with a list after choosing what I was gonna eat from the little book with recipes that we got when we joined!

Tomorrow is Chilli - next week chicken tikka mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Even the hubby loved his dinner so we can both eat a bit better together.

D x x x
Well hubby just had a fab idea to make the lean mince extra lean.

Brown the mince then add boiling water & leave to cool, all the fat will then raise to the top & we can remove it! hah he is a genius

Off to do this now

D x x x
Left that mince overnight then took off most of the fat from it this morning - when you see it like that all horrible at the top of a pot it makes you really think about what you put in your body! eurgh!

So today I am having chilli for dinner & I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Breakfast was 2 alpen light, act fat free vanilla yoghurt & an orange - mmmmmmmmmmm!

D x x x
Oooooooooooooooh forgot to tell you about the most exciting part of my day - going to see breaking dawn tonight eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x x
Welllll its weigh in night tonight at 7 so will let you know how I get on later.

I bought the philli light with the peppers & thought this could be used as HEA but then after I ate it found out its not! eeeek

Also went to the pics last night & shared a large popcorn with the hubby!

Still hope for a loss

D x x x
Well lost 3lbs this week so I am now 11st 12lbs!!

Onwards & Downwards for me

D x x x

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