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I am a bad mum :(


Loves Norman Reedus
I went to see my 5 year old's assembly, he was a strawberry in the Hungry Caterpillar. At the end of the story they sang a caterpillar song, we then all clapped, and then the headteacher said that during the repeat of the song all the parents need to leave. well during that song i saw my son's eyes darken and when i waived to him he started crying. I felt horrible leaving him and i hope that i havent tramatised him. Phoned the school an hour ago and the secretary checked his class and he is okay now.
I feel terrible. I just wanted to hug him. :(
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Awww *hugs* hon. You're not a bad mum, and i'm sure his teachers would have told all the children that the parents had to go.

Don't berate yourself about it. It wasn't your fault, and i'm sure he'll have forgotten all about it by home time!!

Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Loves Norman Reedus
I can guarantee you he wont have forgotten. he will ask me where i was and he missed me when i get home from work.


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Well, i'm sure he'll understand if you say you had to do something really important at work, and the teachers ahd asked all the mums and dads to leave.

Just give him big cuddles when you see him, and maybe a treat to take his mind off it!! (It works for my munchkin....though he's only 3!) Bribery works every time!! Hahahaha!! :p


synful soul
Oh, how cute. A strawberry. I just love this time of their lives.

I think as has been said you can only explain that the head teacher had asked everyone's mummies and daddies to leave not just you.

I am sure if you tell him how fantastic he was and how proud of him you are and it made you very upset to leave him when you wanted to stay until the end.

If you were a bad mum you would not have posted how you feel on here.
hugs xxxxx


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Hehehe!! I know that feeling well!! xxx Hope you're feeling a tad better now xxxx


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aww just concentrate on telling him how proud of him you are, and that he was the best strawberry you have ever seen, and you have been telling all your friends aswell. really praise him on the good and hopefully the rest will be forgotten.

sometimes little ones can be quite sensitive, but they do grow out of it eventually, just try not to let them mull over it for long, and if the teacher has said he was ok, then you gotta take their word for it, they would have distracted him for it.

My daughter was Mary in the school Nativity, and the press came and took a picture, all the kids are smiling apart from her, she was scowling, but I thought it was hillarious and I have it framed to remind me that she isn't like the rest of the children, if she doesn't like something then she wont pretend that she does.

Lisa x
I don't think it matters how many kids you have - its still a heartbreaking moment when any of them get upset!!
you wouldnt think that i would get so upset. this is my 3rd child, not my first.
Yes but everyone of them is special and a new little life.
AnnaFaraday said:
Not your fault. What a silly thing for the headteacher to tell you to do.! He/she should have realised that the children might not understand.
Agreed - less bad mum, more bad headteacher. Hope he's okay now x


bye bye baby tummy
Your not a bad mum... and thats obvious by the fact that you were bothered he was upset!

My eldest burst into tears during a song for comic releif it was horrible, i was struggling not to cry because i had the other two kids with me, the teacher took her away gave her a cuddle and she then was fine


Loves Norman Reedus
He was fine when i got home. i asked him why he cried and he said it was because he loves me and daddy so much that when i left it made him very sad.

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