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    Extra Easy
    You would think I hadn't got a clue about the extra easy diet but I know only too well how to lose. I have lost a bit and exercise has help with a better shape but still I eat the wrong things. Not cake or biscuits but cheese and crackers etc I know I should count the syns but think if I lose a bit I will be ok.

    I am sick of being overweight now and am going to get the books out and have them around all the time.

    Wish me luck

    Faye :)
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    Paul Mckenna - I can make you thin
    Best of luck Faye, looks like you've got a good plan.

    If you need any more motivation ideas, perhaps create a mood board of lots of pictures of things you look forward to when you lose weight, maybe a new outfit, hairstyle, bikini etc. Stick post it notes on your fridge or keep an unflattering photo of yourself to hand.

    Stay strong x

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