ProPoints I am a serial quitter. Please let me do it this time, I need saving

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by Josiecat, 17 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    Please, please can I do it this time. I am so unhappy with my body and want to feel confident again.


    2 brown sandwich thins with chicken slices, toms and mayo (7pp)
    small skinny mocha from costa (4pp)
    ww quiche, sliced meat and salad with mayo (9pp)
    Icecream dessert (4pp)
    Chorizo (2pp)
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  3. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    Good luck Josiecat

    You CAN do this. I'm a bit like you though, keep starting diets and then going off the rails. Need to stick to it myself this time as well. Just started today but will be subscribing to your diary.

  4. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    thank you and good luck to you too. I'll subscribe to your diary as well and we can both do it this time :) day 1 has gone well for me. I haven't even had any weeklies!!
  5. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Following because I am in a similar position! Fed up of quitting, need to do this for good. Good luck! xxx
  6. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    im the same!!
    good luck x
  7. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    Thanks :)

    I will have a search for all your diaries in a minute to have a look


    4 sandwich thins, beef, tomato and mayo (18pp) This was over the course of the whole day
    Nutrigrain bar (4pp)
    WW tikka masala (9pp)

  8. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    my diary is called
    This is the year!

  9. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member


    Missed brekkie so had a big lunch.....

    Large homemade chicken donner kebab (16pp)
    ww choc sundae (2pp)
    WW tikka masala (9pp)

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  10. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    I feel your pain, have been an on-again, off-again WW member for quite a while now... Joined again this week for the LAST time! We can do this!

    Subscribing :)
  11. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    Hi Josiecat

    Here to subscribe
  12. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    Thank you, we will do this won't we :) This is our time to lose weight....please please please


    Pitta with clover lighter (7pp)
    bacon and cheese sarnie (14pp)

    So I am using some weeklies for a packet of jaffa cakes and a bottle of sparking rose. I am taking them off today so it is off my weeklies and will have these treats over the next couple of days.
    Jaffa cakes (13pp)

  13. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    We most certainly will! :) As my WW leader said the other day, "summer bodies are made in winter" ....or in our case, spring! :D

    Your diary looks good so far! Enjoy your weeklies, I used a lot of mine last night, that's what they're there for though I suppose!
  14. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Sounds familiar all right :) Good luck
  15. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    Let's hope we all have summer bodies eh :)

    I just need to stick to it this time, it always becomes easier once the weather warms up so roll on sunny day...


    Breakfast biscuits (6pp)
    Quavers (2pp)
    WW Salmon wedge meal (7pp)
    Chicken slices (2pp)
    2 ww icecream sundaes (4pp)

    Last edited: 21 February 2014
  16. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    Wow I got to Saturday and haven't given up yet :)


    Wholemeal pitta with clover lighter (7pp)
    crisps (4pp)
    ww icecream sundae (2pp)
    Cheese omelette (7pp)
    Stir fry (7pp)
    choc ices (5pp)
    Half bottle wine (9pp)

    Last edited: 23 February 2014
  17. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member


    Crisps (4pp)
    grapes and plums
    Fajitas (16pp)
    Wine (5pp)

  18. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    Its looking really good and on track for a good loss this week
  19. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    Hello, yesterday was a disaster. I didn't count points at all. I didn't go nuts or anything but didn't count and know I had a lot more PP than I had left :-/

    The good news is I weighed today and have lost 2.5lb :)

    I just seem to have lost motivation, so really need to try and keep with it......I am only a week in, I am so bad at this
  20. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    2.5lbs is excellent! Remember if you can be good 80% if the time then you are doing great. I'm a serial quitter too and been struggling hard these past two weeks but I'm not stopping this time til I get to goal.
  21. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    yayyy well done on the loss :)

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