I am feeling really down :-(


4 stone to go
So this week is my week four and Monday will be the start of week 5 on the lighter life Diet. At first it was easy peasy and I loved it but as the weeks are going on by I am starting to hate it more and more every day :mad: . I have been crying most of today and my hubby says he knows it hard but how could he... he has never done anything like this before :'-(

Last week i only lost 3lb so ok its a loss but i was losing the same amount when i was on slimming world diet so it pissed me off that i am paying £66 for that.

I am not enjoying ther to soups anymore and they often make me gag..:eek: and throw up after i have eaten them.
I mentioned this to my LLC and she said that i need to be telling my self that i enjoy them and that they are the best things for me ...I i told my self over and over and over...but still has same effect.

( I only like the chicken and the Mushroom and after i found a dead bug in my mushroom pack once i am not that fond of that anymore and in the shakes i only like the choc but only like that hot.)

In total I have lost 1 stone 6lbs but nobady seems to have noticed this or even commented on this.

The water is hard for me to as I work in such an environment that i am not allowed to drink unless on my breaks and because I am a hair dresser I cant keep nipping the loo all the time and in my part time job in the evenings I am monitored on Toilet breaks so they are not happy with me going to the loo every half hour.

I feel so depressed ........ :(

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Awww Mizzy,

You know I sometimes describe these vlcd as a rollercoaster ride - you have your up's and downs... at the moment you're on a downer, stick it out and you'll soon be on the up again!!

Look how far you've come, almost 5 weeks.... Of course you don't have your old crutch 'food' to comfort you.. but it will still be there when you've done the programme- and how great will you feel then.

How about you try making some of the recipes? You could have a nice muffin with your hot choc.. or maybe some crisps - the bars make delicious buiscuits when they are cooked in the oven - yummy :D

Is it possible for you to have a bit of 'me' time.. maybe a nice hot bath, where you can see how much less of the bath you now take up!! Anything to keep you on the straight and narrow, it'd be a shame to throw in the towel now...

Keep going girlie..

to use a lighterlife expression...

'You alone can do it, but you can't do it alone:D ' thats what we're all here for, as well as your group and counsellor...

stay strong girlie - you're just having a wobbley moment, but it will pass. promise:p
Hun - I posted this on your dead bug thread, but copied it over here in case you missed it.

Awww Mizzyk - we ALL feel down on the diet sometimes (me probably more than most!) but it is all part and parcel of your weightloss journey.

When we've self-medicated with food and/or booze and suddenly we are faced with having to do without our 'drugs', we can feel very exposed to our emotions.

Just ride it through, hun - we all have to learn how to cope with life's daily stresses without resorting to the chip shop. Not nice but it has to be done if we want to be skinny.

I bet you feel loads better tomorrow, having stuck to the diet and feeling proud of yourself!!!

Hi Mizzy, I'm only on day 4 and finding it VERY tough and the thought of getting to the end of week 4 doesn't feel achieveable - but you've done it and should be very proud of yourself! :)
As I say, for me it's only day 4 and I've had a full-on battle with myself today to not give up (which would have been very easy to do) but I'd be gutted with myself for having come this far and given up - and you've gone soooo much further!! I take a trip to the ladies and look in the mirror and remind myself why I'm doing this - it works for me!

Chin up and battle on - we know how good this is going to feel when we get there!
Hi Mizzy and Everyone,

I just wanted to say that i was feelin exactly the same as you last week. It was a nightmare at the weekend. I dont know why i was like this, i am like you on week 4 going into week five next tues.

I am still struggling with the water at the moment as i have to do a lot of driving and i just cant handle being on the M25 bursting near in tears.

I found that the crisps were a godsend and i made them in the evening as a kind of treat for getting through the day and they were lovely, have you ever tried them.

What about the flavourings that you can try have you had a go?

Hang on in there girl, you are doing so so well

Gem xx