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Strong women stay slim
Well ,done CD and failed , its not that i get hungry , I just think i miss eating , yes its a hobbie lol . But looking at myself in the mirror today and feeling Gordon Ramsey yes the F word .... F&&&ing Awful . I need to lose 50 pounds , i need to re do my ticker as I did get down to 185 i'm now 190 and feel time is slipping away . I just hope i'm in the right frame of mind thursday and i can start dieting I know its a dirty word . I really Don't know to much about WW , i've done slimming world twice at the club . But looking into WW I'm allowed 23 points , and do they make prizes lol . So i'm going to get my head on and do some reading later on WW I know a few sites but if any of you want to give me more sites go right ahead . OK lets get this ticker rolling down . Hope everyone is HAPPY and seeing results . :eek:
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So is this your first time trying out weight watchers? I have been doing the weight watchers program for almost a week. And so far I really like it. I don't feel hungry anymore as I am allowed to eat "real food" now and it is not prohibited to have some small snack or even deserts. That is what I really like about this diet. I am looking forward to hear about your success! Good luck!
Hi Msjmc!! welcome!

Just to say the very best of luck with the start of your diet - Im sure you will find it brilliant. I have tried sooooo many diets to know avail - but this one really works for me!! - most importantly because I dont feel deprived! - I eat chocolate most days, I have a dominos pizza once a week and I always loose approx 2lbs - its brilliant.

I dont have any sites to give you but to be honest, you will be suprised how many little tips and info you will pick up just from reading peoples diaries on here - I know I did!!!

Anything at all you want to know please dont hesitate to shout!


Strong women stay slim
Sam and Nikki . thanks guys , yes i guess i will pick it up as i go . 2lb a week is not bad and at least i will still be able to have some treats and save some points if i go out for dinner . Good luck to you guys
Yes that's right. That is why I am also so enthusiastic about this kind of diet; you can keep you normal lifestyle. You may even go to a restaurant from time to time because you could same save points. I was very surprised when I went to the supermarket the first time trying to find special weight watchers food because there are so many products. I just didn't see them. I wish everyon good luck! I am almost sure that we will be successful!
Hi, lovely to have you here. It's certainly a great diet! Just give us a shout if you ever need any help/advice! Best of luck.
Morning hun and welcome to ww!!

My goal is also to get down to 140 doing ww and I don't care if it takes me 2 years to do it! Ive been on track then off track and I am now back on track.

As starlight says any questions just shout .. there is always someone here to give help advice and support!

Good luck



Strong women stay slim
Thank you guys , ok my question is how many points is a boiled egg ? I have WW bread so i know thats one point . Ho yes and i use full fat milk so in a cup of coffee what would that be ?
Hello MsJMC,
one boiled egg has two points. It is probably the best way to eat boiled eggs instead of fried eggs, because then you have to add points for the fat as well. Coffee has no points at all, but you shouldn't drink too much anyways because of the caffeine. It depends on how much milk you usually add to the coffee. One cup has two points, but you don't need so much. So maybe 0,5points for two cups of coffee. I hope I could help you!


Strong women stay slim
Thank-you Sam , yes i did look on a site and it said 1.5 for a boiled egg , i guess depends on the size ? Milk yes now i have to try cut a few out . How are you doing Sam on WW are you still doing ww ?


Strong women stay slim
Is that you girl from down under heyyyyyyyyyy , how are you doing ? Well i'm looking into everything I'm eating at the points , Will go shopping and look around at ww things . Looking to make something for tonights dinner . So Paula , i guess you are asleep with the time being that much ahead of us here in the uk , tell me hows ww working out for you there ? Nice to hear from you girl
Thank-you Sam , yes i did look on a site and it said 1.5 for a boiled egg , i guess depends on the size ? Milk yes now i have to try cut a few out . How are you doing Sam on WW are you still doing ww ?
Yes that is probably the reason. I think sometimes you have to decide all alone about the amount of points for a product. I have been doing weight watchers for about one and a half weeks. It is really easy to get used to it and I don't reget having started this program. I have lost about 1,5kilo and I am so lucky. I think that weight watchers is really a good way too lose weight. I wish you good luck!
What I do with my milk is put half a pint of semi skimmed milk into a measuring jug and thats 2 points. That lasts me all day for my tea or coffee and no one else touches it!

hello sweetie pie its me,im fine and managing ww better here than i did in the uk.People seem alot more weight concious prob cause off the weather.I tried cambridge but didnt manage for more than 2 days.The fruit and veg are alot nicer here and seem alot fresher.Its so good to speask to you girlxx;)
That is a really good idea I think. Maybe I should also do this. I really like to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon as well and I always have some trouble with the amount of milk. But with the measuring jug I won't have any problems anymore. And if there is some milk left in the evening you can have it for dinner :) Thanks for the great tip!


Strong women stay slim
Thank you guys , yes put the milk in a jug and then no cheating . Well done alot of walking today , think thats the key to get out more , setting somewhere to walk too , need to drop off my daughter then get walking , also keeps you out of the way of food . Got some trousers the other day and they are to tight so i have to be in them for christmas , i help my son on wednesday with his paper round 250 houses , just keep walking and eating to the points . How is everyone finding ww ? how much do people lose in a week ?