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I am hungry


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hi babe why dont you have a extra pack?
there are day's like that unfortunatly i'd have some porridge or a savoury drink thing.
I hate days like that, slow down on the water because you don't want to end up bring sick!

Having a black coffee sometimes helps me when I'm hungry and have ages until my next shake.

I sometimes have 4 shakes a day as well if I feel I need them!



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I'm at work - so no extra shakes here unfortunately. I finish work at 4.30 and have a two hour commute so won't be home until nearly seven. Lesson learned - carry an extra pack at all times.

I will try the black coffee, thanks.
Hope it passes guru. Maybe have a coffee or peppermint tea, something with a bit of flavour x x


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Nope only 3 packs, I am actually about 5'7 1/2. It depends who measures me!


Slimming down the aisle
Hey Guru, you can do it!!! How are you feeling now? Any better?

Maybe you could look at doing SS+ for the day and finding a shop with some tuna and salad?


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Nope not totm for at least another week.

I have some listerine strips somewhere. Will suck on one of those.


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First of all drinking water should be done over the course of the day.

If you drink too much water in one go you over burden your kidneys.

Try splitting your packs today and see how you get on, so instead of three meals have six mini meals spread out and if you still have this feeling tomorrow then have an extra pack as towergilly has suggested.

Normally days like this are rare, but if you continue to have them then think seriously about moving up a step for a week and see how you get on.

Just seen your height! I would definitely talk to your CDC about having an extra pack a day.

Love Mini xxx


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I can't split my packs Mini - I have had two tetras already.

I have a bar waiting for me when I get home tonight.


Shut up Ethel
If you still feel like this then I would do something about it otherwise you are going to get worse and resentful - a small amount of plain tuna or plain chicken (forgo the salad) might help. Or some marigold or 'vegetable drink' - that actually tastes of something, and often stops me picking in the evening. Not sure if you can get out to a shop where you work, if so why not go on a recce and see what you can find?

Don't overload on coffee - I find caffeine makes me hungry!

Horrid isn't it. I haven't had a 'hungry day' for a while, but god when they do come along they knock you sideways don't they! I find best to acknowledge it and do something about it rather than try to ignore it. Hasn't (to my knowledge) affected my losses so far.


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I only drink decaff coffee at the moment - which is one of the reasons week one was nasty I think. Carb AND caffeine withdrawal - I do not recommend it!

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