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I am new to CD


Call me Nicky xx
Its a total food replacement diet (TFR) there are different steps that you can follow. Sole Source (SS) which is the one I did for three weeks provides you all of the nutrients your body needs in three or four (depending on your height) shakes/soups. The weightloss can be fairly dramatic (I lost 20lbs in 3 weeks) to start with until your body settles down into a pattern. There are CDCs on this site so hopefully someone will pick up this thread and explain more. Good luck in your weightloss journey.


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HEY - thanks for the info ! - I made an appt with my nearest cambridge diet rep on thursday :)
woah this is big :)


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HEY - thanks for the info ! - I made an appt with my nearest cambridge diet rep on thursday :)
woah this is big :)

Hiya, good luck with your first appointmnet, keep posting on here to let us know how you are doing.

debs x
what was your first appt like - what did they do ?????
gosh I make it sound soo horrible dont i hahahah
welcome to mini's and good luck with your appoitment.
My 1st time your cdc will fill out a form on you asking about your health etc. You might have to get it signed by your doctor if you are on meds etc or your bmi is over 40. She will just talk through the diet and answer your questions. weigh and mesure you. some take a photo mine didnt! cant think of anything else now oh an be sure to get a mix of all the packs try them all some you will love some hate ;)

becky xxx
thanks for that - it really odd visit a random stranger -but sometimes the annonymity helps - she sounded really nice on the phone ...,.hehe - do they give samples ??
No free samples but loads of advice - I cannot believe I jumped on the scales in front of a complete stranger when I wont do it in front of loved ones. But you dont feel judged, just relief that there is a solution!
I know - I refuse to tell my loved ones my weight - although having doctors as parents is a really disadvantage - they r pretty good at guessing weight hahaha - seem to know the body
I had an Aunt come round once who said to me 'seriously you must weigh at least 15 stone' ha ha little did she know I weighed loads more!

oops just realised thats not a good thing!
Have just read disturbing thread of hair loss on CD is that big issue - its my best part - really dont want to loose it


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Have just read disturbing thread of hair loss on CD is that big issue - its my best part - really dont want to loose it

its a very rare side effect hun,

from the cambridge website:
I have lost 3st (42lb - 19kg) on the ‘Sole Source’ programme and am now experiencing some hair loss. Is this due to the Cambridge Diet?
Hair loss, with a generalised thinning of the hair, is usually linked to emotional stress, severe illness, malnutrition, hypothyroidism, hormones, and (for a few people) extensive weight loss over a sustained period of time whatever the method of weight loss used. So, it is due to a physiological response to the actual weight loss process rather than to the Diet, and the incidence is very low. Hair does re-grow, usually thicker and glossier than before. It is the "lesser of the evils" and you will have the best of both worlds – a healthy weight and a good head of hair.
This condition should not be confused with alopecia whereby hair comes out in patches which is a medical condition needing treatment by a doctor.

My hair has been terrible since i had my son 6 yrs ago, and if anything i thought i might be at risk of losing more but havent, also my fiance is doing this diet and has in the past lost all of his hair due to post traumatic stress after a motorbike accident, and he hasnt lost any either.

Try not to worry hun

debs x
hi and welcome...
i managed to lose 50lbs in exactly 12 weeks to reach my first goal. But as you are nearer to bmi 25 than i was i reckon you may take a little longer and you wont be on sole source (shakes only) for very long.
I too have had thinning of the hair, have never had thick hair (only while ss'ing) so it has just gone back to normal really! Obviously didnt lose any whilst i was strict ss'ing so as soon as i began adding food it started to fall out and play catch up!
Dont worry i am not bald by any means... Good luck with losing 50lbs, you can do it!!!!
Hi Smee :) Hope it's all going well with you, have you started the plan yet? I have pretty thin hair already, so it falling out is something that worries me, but I figured I would take the risk, in the end, it would be worth it to be the size I want to be. x
I'm also new! I'm on day 4. Feeling pretty weak and so grumpy! But lost 2ibs already (needed a sneeky bit if motivation!) and hoping to feel better by my first weigh in! :)

SW: 12st 8!
GW: 10st 4 (My wedding goal!)


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