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I am so desperate

I really need some good advice on how to keep this going, I start with good intentions last about 2 days and blow it, why cant I get into this, it was ok the first time.
I have been good all weekend and today I came home from work and ate a bowl of honey and nut weetabix because I was so hungry. Now I am feeling like c**p because once again I have failed.
What can I do to stop this circle of failure.
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Have you tried splitting your packs up and spacing them out more, and keep drinking the water,
Try anything to keep your mind off food, walk, bath, clean anything,
I keep in my head " nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" i`m brainwashed lol in a good way.


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Sazzy has some great ideas, splitting the packs are an option if you are feeling hungry.
If I am tempted I will come on here and post replies, or go in the arcade.
It is definately about getting your head in the right place.

Try splitting your packs, drinking loads of water - brushing your teeth can also help, but keeping occupied is the best solution.

Oh and join Fallen Angels thread!

Good luck!


The Diet Guy
Hiya Spring

I would strongly recommend you do the Cambridge 790 programme as opposed to sole source and think you will find this a lot easier to get into and also the difference in losses is minimal so it is still a quick trip to being slim.

Have a chat with your counsellor about it as it is effective but also allows you that little evening meal which can be a godsend.



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Just to reinforce Mikes comments, I have only done the 790 plan but I know I couldn't manage without 1 meal a day.

I have found the diet relatively easy (some bad days) but I have not strayed at all, had good weight loss too. I have just finished week 7 and am 1lb off losing 3 stones.


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Just to add my pennies worth aswell - I have just been looking at the portion sizes on 790 and they are massive!!!

If you are dead-set on SS maybe do a week of 790 and a week/few days of aam just to ease yourself back in?

Like Sazzy I have brainwashed myself - I just keep telling myself that nothing I can eat is going to make me feel as good as being slim will. Brainwashing and lots of water!!
I have managed to stay focussed today and I am just having my last pack of the day. I am seriously thinking about the 790 plan and will go shopping tomorrow for some chicken etc, I will try and stay on s/s but if I cant manage I will have something to fall back on.

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