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I Am SOOOOOO happy!!


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My bf has just bought me some fresh basil and some fresh chives, in a pot to keep on the window seal (grow indoor pots) for when i start refeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait to use them!!!! I have only ever used dried basil and dried herbs! The basil smells DIVINE!! :drool:

Who would have guessed i'd be so happy over a present of fresh herbs! :giggle:
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Summergirl fresh basil is ace, keep watering it and it will be fine. Just come back of my hols and I have to say still suffering from being on a period all the time, So if you are still having problems see if your GP will give you some tablets to stop them whilst you are away, so you can enjoy yourself. I am going to GP to sort mine out.


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Hi chick
I have already seen my doc - twice and he has prescribed me some tablets to stop the bleeding but i havnt gotten them yet as i was waiting to see how it changed with the changing of my implant and when i start eating again! Im giving it till the monday before i go and if im still bleeding i will get the tabs. Dont wana be on over my hols! :D


Here we go again!
Tanya, that's really thoughtful of him. Lucky you. Can't wait to use fresh herbs with lovely chicken! Not long to go now. Only 5 sleeps left for me.


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Snap! chicken and basil! Got them at sainsburys 2 medium pots for £2!!! So i think i may go back at some point in the week and buy some tyme and parsley! (my dad seems ok with them being in the window - for now! :giggle:)

He only bought them so i would drive him to the chinese!!! :rotflmao: but still thoughtfull of him :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol!! thats so sweet of him!!

I dont have green fingers in the slightest so it would probably die on me lol xxx


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Ah that's nice of him and good on ya dad too :)

I looooove fresh basil - I have 1 of those tesco pots on the kitchen window sill & I'm also trying to grow some from scratch - but they're veeeeeeery slow!!!!

Not long now! x


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Oh cool Jan. So when you take some of the basil leaves off will more grow? Or have i just got that one plant and once all them leaves are eaten i have to throw it away?

Does that make sense?! :doh: lol


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I've always just used what's on the plant and then chucked it or chucked it when it's died (not got terribly green fingers :eek:) .... don't know whether more would grow. I'm not too well up on plants & things - I think the ones I've planted outside must know this which is why they're staying safely in the nice warm soil ;) x
You are gonna LOVE adding fresh herbs and spices. I bought 9 different herb varieties, parsley, basil, purple basil, apple mint, mint, oregano, lemon thyme, thyme in two large, glazed terracotta pots, (to stop my cat Jess weeing and pooing on them!!!!) Shes too old to try and climb up on them....87 in cat years!!!)


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now theres a lota herbs supa! lol

i'll just see how mine pan out - if they die they die! lol

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