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I am starting my own meal replacement plan


Wants to do this!
I'll be consuming the following:

Holland & Barrett supro protein shake: 126cals, 24g protein, nil crabs

1/2 tin soup
approx 150cals, 4g protein, 11g carbs

Slimfast shake
250cals, 14g protein, 35g carbs

1/2 tin soup
approx 150cals, 4g protein, 11g carbs

676 cals, 46g protein, 57g carbs along with a multi-vit tablet.

What are your thoughts guys?
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VLCDs arent just about calories. If you follow a proper constructed VLCD then the packs etc are all full of the nutrients etc your body needs to stay healthy.

Just making your own up means you cant be sure youre getting all you need, youre not going to go into ketosis with what youre eating so you wont be burning fat, youll probably be hungry and you wont get the other benefits of ketosis.

Could also be that your body will just hang on to the very little food youre having and youll end up losing very little. Youd be far far better in following a proper VLCD where youll get fast, safe, results.


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Does it have to be slimfast? Exante shakes are half the carbs at 18.5g (slimfast contains sugar, exante doesnt) and 50 cals less and slightly more protein at 17g, and 1 shake will guarantee a third of your days nutrition.

Could you make a homemade soup instead of the tinned one? I can give you some recipes for simple low carb low cal soups that are really delicious if you would like them, and they may well be more filling for less carbs and cals.

Your protein count is slightly low at 46g, you need 50g a day if you weigh 140lbs, and more if you need more. (but hey, thats more than i was managing a while ago)

57g of carb a day is considered low carb, so you should get into ketosis on your planned amounts. Its going to be difficult to ensure you get full nutrition on such a low calorie count, but what you plan to have should give you most of what you need, but you might consider adding in a codliver oil supplement as well as the multivit. Besides theres no guarantee that following 1000 or 1200 calorie counted diet will give you all your nutrition anyway. You just have to do the best you can.
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I wouldn't do that made-up plan if I were you. It's a little mix of things and I doubt you'll be getting all the nutrients you need in a day so you will feel hungry and may become unwell.

Could you try something like Exante or another VLCD as these kind of diets have everything in them already so you wont have to worry about not getting a certain vitamin or something.


Wants to do this!
Thank you all for your options on this one.

So I'm looking at a tin of Slimfast now and yes it has sugar 28g per serving in the case of the Cafe Latte but I hoping that having a little hit of sugar daily might make this somewhat more manageable.

Also in each with regards to minerals and vits, 1 serving of Slimfast offers nearly half of the RDA so surely adding a multivitamin and yes Lynn as you suggest a cod liver oil tablet could help too. Lynn if you would be so kind I'd be grateful if you could add some homemade soup recipes and I'll look some others up too. Again that should help with the nutrients.

At some point I do think I'm going to have to do an add a meal type week with low carb foods.


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I wouldn't have the slimfast as that much sugar in one hit could take you out of Ketosis and cause cravings. If you need something convieniant try a low carb bar like Atkins or Celebrity Slim.

Instead of half a can of soup why not have a proper dinner of fish or chicken with veg. That will give you more protien and fibre.


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I wouldn't have the slimfast as that much sugar in one hit could take you out of Ketosis and cause cravings. If you need something convieniant try a low carb bar like Atkins or Celebrity Slim.

Instead of half a can of soup why not have a proper dinner of fish or chicken with veg. That will give you more protien and fibre.

That's good advice, Jac.
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oh yes slimfast is not a great idea-the extra sugar will make it harder not easier :(


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years ago i battled bulimia[still greedy and overeat] and i intended to have 3 slimfast meals/products ie slim fast pasta for dinner..i ended up bingeing on the slimfast stuff

years later i read here that this could be quite dangerous as slimfast is not designed to be vlcd...it is designed to have a healtalad or veg....i knew about that when intending to try slimfast but thought the meal would trigger binges or living off the shakes would speed up the weight loss..i didn't realise it was nutritionally unbalancedhy meals...

that said i am no dieticien or dr etc..and i am a hypocrite [having attempted to do something similar] ...so i am not sure on this[i am brainless]but felt obliged to say this having read this myself on here a few months ago

anyway sorry for barging in
if you are going to do this, make your own soups with fresh vegetables - it is sooooo easy to make soups, just toss in a variety of chopped vegetables, add water and stock, cook and then blast with a blender. Lack of fibre and vitamins with the plan you are going for and I think you'll get really hungry and won't be able to stick with it


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Hi , all diets have there risk factors regardless of the vitimins that are in the meal . I personaly dont think you should mix slimfast with other low calorie meals because they are high in suger and there are alternatives for you to sort your sweet craving out , like advidlite do some low carb suger free sweets . I hope you find whats suits you best and if your diet is a sucsess please let us all know how you got on . Ive tried slimfast but couldnt stick to it . I like being in ketosis it stops all that hunger and gives you a natural high . Any ways good luck


Wants to do this!
And that low fat plan I created did not work. Gonna try Exante and get the ketosis effect going


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Good for you Channy, good luck with it, you will get great results from it.


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Was wondering how you got on ! I guess the dukan diet is a home made very low calorie diet but all the meat and fish is very boring although you do lose weight similar to a packet type vlcd ! I am starting exante today (delivery at 10:30) after 4 days of a home made style run in so see you on the exante forum ?!!! Good luck x


Wants to do this!
Thanks guys. I've decided to start Exante on 31 January for 4 weeks and see how I get on with that! ?


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Good for you. Exante seems to be getting excellent results on here. The first 4 days will be hardest, but after that its much better.
Good luck :)


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Channy, Exante is really good, easy after a bit, leaves you feeling full. I didn't get any bad side effects going on it. First week loss is mainly water, but seeing a big figure that week is a huge motivator. And I personally feel like I have much more energy (on day 6) than before going on it.

Good luck,
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Hi Channy,

I can vouch for exante being a good option if you want a VLCD meal replacement plan - much cheaper than some of the others & once you get used to the routine it is fine - keep up loads of water intake (same as all VLCDs) and read the info leaflets they send you. My all time favourite is vanilla shake with spoonful of coffee, made up with 400ml boiling water & whizzed up with hand blender. I save them up for weekend treats like a creamy latte. I'm down to one left, but still have lots of strawberry flavours - they seem better cold on a warm day!

You will find lots of people on it on this site, and hopefully pick up loads of enthusiasm and encouragement as well.

Good luck.


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Good luck Channy! I'm going to start at the end of the month too. Just reading up on the info so I'm prepared! xx

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