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I can hear voices!

I have actually flipped... I can hear voices... one telling me to stop being naughty and just damn well get back into ketosis, and another screaming at me 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!'

I'm doing my best to block the evil voice out, but it feels like I have almost every reason to pig out. Fiance is away, so at home alone, am on call which is truely pants, and have just got my first period in about 7weeks (I guess eating over Christmas sorted that problem out) which has left me with major ice cream urges.

A few months ago this would've triggered the mother of all binges. And I reeeeally want food, yet I know I don't.

Oh god, tonight is going to be really hard. :(
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Keep going my dear .. look how hard you've worked and think of your wedding! You know you want to look the best you can in your piccies .. so distraction time, read a book, mag, have a bath, paint your nails ... whatever you need to do ... or go to bed early, think i'll be tucked up in bed by 8 tonight, just to avoid the fridge! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
Julia xx


Talks too much
how about a big pampering session? deep condition ur hair, give urself a pedicure, put on some fake tan, (a tan makes u look slimmer as well!) exfoliate and moisturise every inch of urself etc... always cheers me up!


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Now you know you can do this!

Go and have a bath, paint your nails, do anything but keep your nose out of the fridge!!!!

No pony dont do it you're doing so well do ANYTHING to keep your mind and fingers occupied, dance run hop skip sing at the top of your lungs and run round your house like a lunatic you're getting married and you're going to look fabulous ooo and another oldie saying nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!!!!! xxx
LOL Nina, you make me chuckle. Thanks everyone for the support.

It's being on call that b*ggers everything up for me. I just have to sit and wait for the phone to ring. I can't even really go to bed early as that is a failsafe way of making the phone ring and having something awful to have to go and do.

I've just spent 10mins working out how to put new batteries into our scales (Am I the only one who keeps running out of battery on the scales? Does that tell you something about my weighing obsession?).

If I wasn't on call, I'd go for a jog, have a long soak in the bath, then go to bed.

But instead I'm going nuts dreaming of pizza and cookie dough ice cream.........NOOOOOOO!!

Thanks everyone for the support. I'm my own worst enemy tonight.
BTW Nina, how is miffy?
Miffy's still in the hospital they said she's pooped once in 24hours and has been eating tiny little amounts, her temp is still high so they're monitoring her closely. They said she's a lot brighter today though....just hope she's not got pneumonia :(

Thanks for asking :) xx

I think im definitely ill coz all this talk of food is making me feel even more nauseous
oh i know how u feeling,i ate to much over christmas and now feel bloated and crap...but starting back today on ss,its hard i know as im at home on my own at night as hubby works nights ahhh,so im drinking gallons and weeing loads at mo lol...good luck and think of the wedding,im having ivf treatment this yr and have to lose weight for that...you can do it...

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