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I can't believe I just.....


Slimming down the aisle
went on a run!

Yes. Me. Run!

I took the dog for his night walk, and just kind of felt like running. So we did! Was only about 1.5 miles, but still.
I'm amazed that..
1. I didn't stop after 10 seconds huffing and puffing.
2. I managed to keep up with the dog... a border collie, not a little terrier with it's stumpy legs!
3. My ankle wasn't in agony afterwards. I damaged the ligament a couple of years ago, still plays up sometimes. Losing weight is def helping it.

So my day has been a pretty active one in the end! Walked the dog this morning, 20 min free step on the wii fit, some yoga, trip to the gym, and now a run. For me, that's a lot for one weekend, let alone one day! Feels good though.
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Flipping heck Caroline, you go girl! That's got to have burned off some calories. I am impressed!
So impressed! You must be pretty fit to manage that straight off. I will only dare to do such a thing on the treadmill of my works gym at 5o'clock in the morning whilst on my break. It flaming kills me...! Keep it up! xx


Slimming down the aisle
I'm really not fit, at all! That's why I'm so amazed!!
Ooh check you out lady! I'm very impressed :) I bet you feel great now for it? I often think to myself 'should I go for a swim' and then end up clearing out the fridge or something... ha ha. Anything to get out of physical punishment me....
gratutitous exercise I love it! well done you


Slimming down the aisle
Let's see if I can do as much today! If the weather looks alright today i want to take the dog on a big walk. So we'll see!


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Wow amazing Caroline !!!!!!!!! I jog on my wii-fit, not quite brave enough to do it outside yet, but maybe I should just get on with it. Go Girl that's fantastic !


Slimming down the aisle
To be fair, it was dark, so no-one was around! I love going for a run/jog in the storm!! I don't think I usually manage it as well as I did last night though. I need to get myself some decent trainers really. Mine seem to have disappeared!
You obviously ARE fitter than you thought. I don't think I could do that. In fact I KNOW I couldn't do that so I am well impressed with you. Good luck today!
Running is fab!!!!!!

I can't live without my treadmill now since I bought it 6 weeks ago

The feelings you get from excersise is the same chemical released from chocolate !
wow well done girl!


Slimming down the aisle
Managing to keep it up today it seems! Took the dog for a walk this morning, and just did a 30 minute free step on the wii fit. Might try and go to the gym again later, we'll see. I think that since I'm on calorie counting, I've found a real motivation for exercise!

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