I can't cope with any other forums.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
To all friends on other forums

If you want to talk to me, I will be here, but I can't cope with any other forums.

I'm having a rest tonight, but look forward to any messages that you may send. I'm always pleased to hear from you.

Marylyn xxx
Do you mean you'll be just in this thread? Sitting back? Feet up? Glass of sparkling water in one hand and your optical mouse in the other??

Enjoy the rest Marylyn :)

From your fishy friend!
It can get you like that sometimes Marylyn!

<<<<<<< :)
You can also get tiredtypingfingeritus, which is a very serious problem and only rest can cure it!

Don't be away too long though, we will miss you too much!


Just a quick one. Typing silently so S can't hear.

R. Doll I will second Debbie's comments. You are amazing and look fabulous.

I am doin' o.k. 10kg to goal.

Must go
Marylyn xxx
Thanks for your lovely comments girls. :eek:
They've come at just the right time too as I've been struggling a bit and lost my focus. But your kind comments have reminded me why I started all this and given me the kick up the bum I needed - thanks :)