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Got to stop eating!

Someone please help me! I have dione so well! But the last month I don't have the will power to do it anymore! And before you say it the 790 isn't the answer as I still don't get hungry I just give into my cravings!! I have lost my will power! It's really getting me down at the moment which of course makes me want to throw in the towel for the millionth time this week and eat naughty food!!!

I need some inspiration or something!! ANYTHING!!!!:cry::cry::cry:
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Oh my gosh you are two thirds of the way there............please keep at it. Get in touch with your CDC she/ he will help. Good luck just look at that ticker of yours
2/3 of the way there so you are on the down slope now. A day at a time and soon the rest of those lbs will be gone and you'll be so pleased with yourself. Have you a before pic to refer to?

Irene xx
Awww Hun..You have come so far...do you really want to throw all that away?

Think about how you felt that first time you got on the scales...do you want to go through all of that again just by eating something that you thnk you want, only to find that afterwards you are full of guilt? It may not taste how you remembered it any way and you will then be bitterly disappointed with yourself.
Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Have you tried doing something new? Set yourself a challenge.

I don't know what else to suggest, but please, please don't throw away all your hard work to put some rubbish in your tum!!




Staff member
Hi lucylu,

Well done on doing so well!!!

The last stone seems to be the toughest in most cases to shift.

Here is a thread you might like to join for some extra support.


For inspiration you could always have a look at the photo thread


Post your own photos up now to help keep you motivated.:)

Take a photo of a dress you might like to wear for the Christmas party and stick it on your thread or avatar for inspiration.

Write a list of how you feel now having lost this much weight and how you felt before you began and all the health benefits.

It just is not worth it giving in, all it does is delay your diet journey.

You can do this:)

Love Mini xxx
The danger of not completing to your goal and learning how to take food back is, that if you stop now you will put w8 back on...cos one extra piece leads to another and before you know it you'll be back at Obese BMI...

I KNOW IVE DONE IT TOO...never got to goal and learnt to take food back....I was like a woman possessed..and couldnt stop consequently - Im back on it after trying SW for a year losing 1 stone and puitting half back on again...

So now my mind is set (thats important too) Im on the CD trail again....this time Ive gotta get there and learn to take food back....I just cannot afford not to do it - financially , emotionally or physically, and Psychological, and health too.

Set yourself mini goals and go with that....draw yourself a graph in excel and enter your weight progress...

Good luck Lucy



Got to stop eating!
Thanks guys! I guess it all gets too much sometimes! I hadn't thought about the fact that I am down to my last stone! I guess I keep thinking there is no light at the end of the tunnel!

I have managed to not eat the thing I was going to eat today which is a small hurdle I guess! thanks for the link mini! WIll give it a go! How do you get so much stuff on your Signature mine keeps saying I have used all the space!



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Well done Lucyloo for resisting temptation:flowers:

You have to have 50 posts done and you will have more room on your singature:)

Just think you could have that stone off and been in maintenance long before Christmas.

74 days...

Every hurdle you jump makes you stronger.

Love Mini xxx


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Ok thanks again!

Are you a CDC???? If not you should become one!

You are a real inspiration!


Aww Thanks:)

No I am not a CDC.

Love Mini xxx
Imagine how you felt at the start of your journey.. If you're anything like me, I tend to focus on how much I've got to lose and how long it will take (I'm a nightmare for negative thinking!!) Think how far you've come and what you've achieved and DON'T GIVE IN!! It'll be gone so so soon!! *hugs*
Dont give up hun you're doing so so well and if u stop now you'll undo all the hard work you've done so far....i like to tell myself for every 100% day is 1 day less i'll have to do this!!!!

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