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i cant do this i want to eat

Have you thought of giving yourself a planned break maybe just a small meal with low crabs and calories. I know some people are totally against that but i'd rather do that than lose motivation altogether xxx


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i agree with sweetcheeks.
if i dont have some food soon im going to go crazy, and im on day 5.
so im allowing myself to have a small meal on monday nights after weigh in. something low carb, mind.
i know people will come back at me and say i wont lose weight anymore... but if you look at the success stories on cambridge diet website, one woman had chocolate evry night, plus a sunday lunch and still lost over 5 stone.
another woman on success stories had takeaways and she lost 5 stone :)
hi, I'm kind of 'cheating' sometimes too at the mo... if ever I feel like eating I have in the freezer some smart price chicken breast fillets from Asda... I have one done on the George Foreman grill and have that as meal followed by my Cambridge bar. I don't do this every day, and it's only when I feel really hungry and when I'm afraid I'm gonna break the diet by ringing for a takeaway! (no other food in the house lol)

I believe for me personally, and for many people, allowing a controlled treat or snack might in the long run keep us on the diet long term, whereas a complete SS is too much to ask psychologically...

I know that I put a lot of weight on due to steroids for illness, so food is not the be all and end all for me, however take it away completely and I sometimes go into 'panic' mode and start to crave it!

If a little (and it is little!) piece of chicken is enough every now and again to keep me on this diet and I still carry on losing weight successfully, I will continue to have my little chicken 'treat'...

I do believe it's a hard diet to do, and yes a lot of people can do it 100%, others of us need a little extra to stay on track and make it work!

Dont give in! Just find a way to work with your body and your own needs!!

tinks x
Before doing anything discuss it with your CDC.
It may be that you would suit a food plan better than an abstinence plan. Think long and hard. This diet is a small part of your lives. Is it worth prolonging it? Within a few months there will be a new you.


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hope you feel better tomorrow :D
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haha @summerskye


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mmmmmmmmm i love crab!!


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Hi Chambles,

Have you tried SS+? (Sorry if you have-don't want to teach you to suck eggs!!)You're allowed a small 200kcals meal everyday along with 3 x CD. Weight loss is about the same as SS (i've lost a stone in just over 2 weeks). Just a thought. Please don;t give up it'll be all worth it in the end.

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