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i cant stop.....


can see the end in sight!


can see the end in sight!
i know! it's so motivating, and although i have things i can't quite get into yet, i love arranging my wardrobe and looking at all the amazing clothes i will soon be wearing!


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Thats a lovely dress! I'm really trying to hold back until Ive lost some more but really looking forward to going shopping (without an unhappy 7 month old son-like yesterdays experience!) in a few weeks to get something for a wedding and sons christening at end of July!

Im the same- used to just buy clothes because I had to not because I enjoyed it or wanted to!!
I bought new shoes yesterday!! I don't want to shop for clothes during this transition stage ( I have a store of stuff in descending sizes to keep me going)but am accessorizing big time!!! I did look in a classy lingerie shop and will indulge when I get into the 11 stones. Happy shopping!!!


can see the end in sight!
woo Liz, that dress is gorgeous! and a bargain too! I ordered mine in a 14, as i cant see my hips ever losing enough to be a 12, but i won't mind if it's a bit loose either.
Nice dresses girls!!
I am holding off buying too much as I want to save for some nice stuff at goal, but have to get a few things for the inbetween sizes... for now its primark, ebay and charity shops!



WILL be Slim!
i'm normally a primark and ebayer at the moment, but this dress was just too good a bargain to miss!
Have no idea when i will wear it (hopefully in August for my hubby's birthday) but i just fell in love with it!
I know i will spend half my life in Principles when i'm off the diet....love that their clothes are more business than boobs iykwim!

Ive bought a lovely size 14 dress in Tesco - only £15 and i got it when 20% off. Cos im saving for a wedding, im trying not to spend a lot on clothes just now.

It does look like its from Coast or something - cant wait to fit into it. Might even try it 2night to see the progress after week 1. Its got a good few inches to go im sure!


WILL be Slim!
miss lush...that is LOVELY!!!!
I can only dream about wearing dresses like that hun!


can see the end in sight!
cat bee! that is beautiful! i have discovered my love for dresses, despite never going anywhere that warrants wearing them!


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Cat-bee, that is a gorgeous dress and a very generous husband who must be proud to show you off!
I love dresses and lived in them in summer before putting on weight. That's really pretty cat-bee.
I need a dress for a wedding at the end of July. Hoping to be a 12 by then.
I love underwear and have just been looking at La Senza. They have loads of things in the sale atm and loads of nice swimwear if anyone's interested.


can see the end in sight!
I need underwear! i won £200 worth of high street bonusbond vouchers, so am planning a trip to la senza and marks and spencer for some nice knickers! and a trip to selfridges for something totally pricy and frivolous that i would never have gotten before. yay!

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