I could cry!!!:(

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  1. HappyNoodles

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    I only lost 2bls on my week 3 weigh in last night:(:(
    Why?? I had the slip last Friday but it didn't even take me out of ketosis,
    my pharmacist thinks it cos I'm due my period?
    Could it be? Pleeeease help??
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  3. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    yes ........... and 2 off is great !! x
  4. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    hey, daisys don't cry! :)

    I think the advice you have been given is right and you will probably have a better loss next week. And even if you don't, 2 lbs off is great - your weight is going down and that is the important thing. I think sometimes we expect the loss to be high every week and that is why we get disappointed. You are doing really well and don't you forget it!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sola

    Sola Full Member

    2lbs is great no matter how much we loose we're getting closer to our goal of being slim. Cheer up. Im due in a couple of days and weigh in is on Tuesday. But whatever i loose I will be happy, its taking alot for us to start this journey, and we will reach our goals. You can do it
  6. spannerpan

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  7. harriet2

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    i had my totm last week and lost 5lb which i was very surprised about cause i normally retain water then..i bet its that and next week itll be a fantastic weight loss...dont give up..

    h xx
  8. Julie84

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    Hi Daisy, please don't feel disappointed. I too lost 2lb at my week 3 weigh in (and not because of totm as that was week 1!). But think how much 2lb really is - it looks insignificant on the scalles but it is actually quite a vast amount. 2lb makes a huge difference to our bodies - every ounce of fat we lose makes it that bit easier for our hearts. :)

    Try to be as positive as you can about the diet and it will be an easier and more fulfilling journey. If you hadn't have been on Lipotrim would you still have lost 2lb? I know I wuoldn't, if anything I probably would have put it on (and said oh, it's only 2lb! :eek: ) You're 2lb closer to your goal now and you have huge average weekly losses - week 1 and 2 were amazing.

    Please don't feel sad - you are doing amazingly well and every step (even if it does feel smaller) gets you closer to that goal. :) :hug99:
  9. Shazpaz

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    Hi hun,

    I agree with all the comments. Imagine a bag of sugar.....now imagine that as LARD....PURE FAT. You have lost that off your body. I understand your frustration....especially when you see others having such big losses, but a loss is a loss. I struggle at the totm....I can gain 3lbs....but its only fluid and after a few days it will go.

    Chin up, you are doing fab!!
  10. sonkie

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    I would put on a lb or 2 when my period was due so a loss in the run up is fabulous........though if I was doing SW or WW I would put on anything up to 9lbs when dieting ........

    So congratulate yourself and just think of the weigh in once its over.
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