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I cried after class....

Aw that is a shame but quitting smoking is such a good step to take for your health. You won't be this hungry forever and you can use the money you save from not smoking to buy yourself some new smaller clothes! Just try to plan some things you can snack on and have them ready for when the munchies attack. Chin up mate!
I think everyone has bad weeks. I know I have

To take another analogy its a marathon not a sprint losing weight. Maybe try and understand what the triggers were, timing, habits etc.., that led you to poorer choices. Smoking is very habitual and your brain pre empts things e.g. a smoke after dinner its habitual, so maybe some routine changes will give you some time to adapt. Still your health is winning all the time even if this week wasnt what you wanted.

Still you were on your way to that stone so you are doing well just a week to help refocus. keep up the fight.
well done for quitting smoking, as others have said thats a huge health gain,

make sure you're eating enough, its nover good to be hungry on SW, get your low/syn free snacks out and get munching.

I bet your food tastes so much better now you're an ex smoker

we've all been there crying at the scales just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

big hugs xx
Try to have an extra good week and i'm sure it'll will come off quickly.
In the meantime, here's lots of hugs to cheer you up x
I wish I was really good at being all motivational but :sigh: I gave up smoking in April this year. I have put on 2 stone since then, I have cried quite a few times, but at the end of the day, I have put too much food into my mouth.
Kick yourself and stamp your feet now, get it out of your system, but dont do what I did, please............
Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do! My doctor was on at me for ages to stop even though I was overweight. Unfortunately it was a heart attack that got me to stop in the end. I've never smoked since (6 years now and I was a 40 a day smoker!) and although I am still overweight that is something I am working on slowly at least my insides have started to recover.

Well done on the loss you have achieved so far but even more well done for not smoking!
As the others have said, well done on giving up smoking. That's the most amazing lifestyle change you could have made.

With regards to always being hungry, try having free/superfree foods handy to snack on. I know it may be easier said than done, and that you'll be craving naughties, but it will help to limit the damage. Have things like Alpen lights (2 for a HExB on EE), MugShots (many of them are FREE), FF Supernoodles (FREE), mullerlight yogurts, etc around to snack on. They're all really yummy and feel like you're having a real treat. Of course, use your Syns for treats too.

Don't worry about the gain. I really doubt that you gained 5lb in a week. It could be water retention, like mentioned. Try and up your water this week, and that should help.

Most of all, remember how far you have come already. You've lost 11lb!! Yes, you may have regained 5lb, but that doesn't mean it's here to stay. You'll get it off in no time, just like you did with the other 6lb! :)

Try not to stress. Hope you have a good week xx
Congratulations on managing to quit smoking. That is an amazing achievement, and although I can totally understand your disappointment at gaining 5lb, if you have the willpower to stop smoking then you can definitely lose the 5lb and continue towards that first stone.

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