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I cried!!


Enjoying life!
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I sorted out my clothes this week to take into LL as I have alot that doesn't fit anymore.

My kitchen looked like a sea of clothes as I was trying to get it all washed to take in to LL on Wednesday.

I took 2 bin bags in on Wednesday. I sorted 2 bin bags for charity. I have another 2 bin bags going into LL next Wednesday - thanks to the weather it hasn't been so easier to get it dry!

I have given a few bits to friends too.

Anyway....on Thursday I am going to the House of Lords (project I wrote has become successful!)

I have nothing to wear that fits!

So, the plan is:

I have a size 18 gorgeous pair of black trousers, that if I wash and put on just before I go they will be ok for a couple of hours!

Top: searched through everything, it all looks naff as too big (not complaining! lol)

So, I went shopping, which I wouldn't have done under any other circumstances but it is a need for Thursday!

I have bought a gorgeous black fitted top, short sleeved and with slight bat wings in a size 16 - I stood in the changing room looking at myself in the mirror and just cried!

Once I got myself together, I bought it! lol

Go me!

Kat xx
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Hi Kat,

Congratulations on your project and being invited to the House of Lords!!!:wow:

And well done for fitting into smaller clothes.

I think at times when you are achieving it can be more emotionally as you look back...we do have a lot of emotions caught up in the clothes we buy, especially when you are big as it is such a struggle to find nice clothes that fit properly or are attractive to wear.

Love Mini xxx


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Thank you both.

I agree with the emotions - I find myself looking at myself in the mirror quite alot! lol It sounds vain but it isn't, it fascinates me!

I look taller and taller as the weeks pass! I have 34" legs that just appear longer and longer! lol

Kat xx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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<<hugs!>> Fantastic Kat!!!

GOsh, I cried so much during the diet. Almost entirely happy tears. ;) It IS emotional. It is something we never dreamt possible, had given up on - at least I had - and at last, its here, in our grasps.
It is incredibly emotional!!

You are doing so great - I am sooo happy for you. I remember your strong desire, when you were having trouble getting an LL, etc., and I am just so happy, following you down your road to your new beginning.

Its fantastic.

ANd heary congrats on your project - sounds like quite an honour!!



Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Thank you BL.

It is something I never thought possible. I had accepted the fact that I would always battle with it and only ever lose a few pounds only to fall off the wagon again! Oh not this time - this is it and I am loving it!


Kat xx


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im really pleased for you!!
daisy x


I Can Do This!
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Aw Kat I am so delighted for you. It is emotional moving down the clothes sizes.

I have very little in my current wardrobe and a huge amount of clothes that have been passed onto others and charity shops. In a strange way I feel cleansed.

This morning I tried on a size 14 dress that I last wore in about 1988 and have kept as a target all these years. And it fitted! :eek: Now, I don't think I will ever wear the dress out and about again - but my hubby couldn't understand why I was so emotional about it actually fitting me.

Small steps. I always said getting back to a size 14 would be amazing (last there over 20 years ago). Now I know I will be a size 12 or maybe even a size 10 when I finish this diet. I am very emotional when I think about it. I love LL.
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Congratulations katalena

at least this time your tears are tears of joy.you just became overwhelmed i think the ll process is so fast your brain just dosent catch up with the way your body looks till smack out shopping for clothes thats another thing that probley brought the emotions out i bet you have not shopped for clothes since starting ll. You take care and i hope you have a fab time x x x love sam x x x


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Wow, my biggest congratulations for such a wonderful project. If I wasn't going to be up at my parents I would suggest a little get together for a coffee. I will be thinking of you on the day. Your new clothes sound amazing, I really am over joyed for you. The happy feeling we get at moments like that far outweighs (scuse the pun hun) any food joy from the past does it not?

Biggest skinny kisses to you



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Emotions can be very near the surface on this diet as so many things are changing and so quickly it can be hard to mentally keep up.

A great feeling to be moving into smaller clothes.

I hope you have a great day at the HofL.


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I forgot to say what a great idea to have clothes swapping at your meetings, something I might suggest for ours.

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