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I did it!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Aww, well done!!

Your toddler is the same age as mine! The hardest thing I've found is when they want to share their food with you!

Keep going, you're doing really well!
I know, and with those little fingerfoods, it can be very hard to resist. I know I have a hard time and i always justify it (to see if it's too hot, one teensy bit won't hurt). But today 100% CD


Wants to be a yummy mummy
One thing I've realised is no, it probably won't hurt, but I want to enjoy food again as soon as possible so I've stuck to this in a bid to keep my head down and get through it! (Although it's probably a bit easier for me to stay focussed as I'm near the end of my journey now, I do remember how tough those first few weeks are and how I had to remind myself to stay focussed every hour of every day, it does become habit after a while!)
thats fantastic. My little lady is 12 months and I think the hardest part about this diet is feeding her! To start with the poor thing ate a lot of fish as I can't stand the stuff so always gave her things I personally didn't like haha !
Great age to do this diet though as my little boy is constantly on at me mummy are you on your diet , mummy can't eat as she is on her diet...and I really really don't like it , as I don't want him to realise I have had issues with food and things like that! Least babys and toddlers don't really realise hey! lol!


Needs to stop eating!!
I have a 14month old toddler too!!

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