I did it!!!!


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I went for my first road run today through the country park and back again. It is a distance of 2.2miles (round trip). I know that 2.2 miles isn't much for real runners but for Georgia and I it is a real achievement. I am amazed at my stamina - the gym is really paying dividends! I'm going to build it up now! I'm also impressed at how fit she is at 7 years old. :) :) :)

I reckon that i needn't get too obsessed with the 60lbs I still have to lose to bring my bmi to 23.4 if I can run and exercise regularly. :confused: :confused: :confused:
I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited you have no idea, I am not sporty or anything but i did it. My baby girl is an athlete - she loves running so we are going to do it everyday now!!!:D :D
That's a lovely mother daughter story. You did so well you must be pretty fit. Sounds like you'll need to crack on chipping away at the 60lbs to keep up with Georgia though!

Good Luck

Dizzy x
I've got to do it again today. made one of those rash mother promises so later on when it clears up I'll be off for another 2.2 mile trek. Apparently, 0.9miles and i will have done 5k's. Good grief but just you watch me at next years Race for life - it'll be a doddle!:D :D :D
Hi Mel, that's fabulous news about the running:) I'm so thrilled for you:):) What a lovely way to spend time with your baby girl:D
Please don't overdo it to start with though.. you need some days off from running for the bod' to recover.. also.. as I know to my cost:eek::(.. pounding the ground with a bit of extra weight can have a bad effect on your joints!!!! Take it easy and you'll soon be up to half Marathons:eek::):):):)

much ,love :):D:)
It is a worry that extra weight and joints thing though! I keep thinking about my 60lbs to go and my current weight plateau and its not good. I've upped my cardio to an hour and a half but it still isn't shifting but the run yesterday was quite easy which was a surprise as I thought I'd be dying after it not just sweating! How can I **** that 60lbs|? if it were £60 I could shift it in a second!:D :D
Hi Mel

You certainly look fantastic today and so does Georgia. Keep it up!!

Just wanted to ask if you wanted to Sh*t 60lb or shift it? LOL

Enjoy your run
Oh god, didn't realise the typo! if I could **** the 60lbs it'd be a damn site easier than dieting it off!:D :D :D

LOL wouldn't it be great well worth sitting in the smallest room all day!

I'm afraid you'll have to do it the slightly harder way though like the rest of us.

Dizzy x