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I did not think it would be this hard


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this is my third week on exante and I have just had my totm phew that was hard:cry:I never realised just how much I needed chocolate and wine :rolleyes: I have been slamming doors :eek: shouting at DD :eek: and wanting to shove my poor OH head down the loo :confused: I am dreading next month and so are they !! is it just me ? I really miss food:sigh: I'm not hungry I just really miss the taste of food so much I could cry:cry:I promise when I get to goal I will be good and not abuse it again:eek: oh well vent over I'm off to sniff my DD kitkat
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Yes I'm rather fancying food too. I'm consoling myself with the healthy eating plan I will follow after I finish this. Hopefully it will feel like heaven just to eat healthy food again!


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oh yes me too !! trouble is I keep buying food I cant help myself my freezer is stuffed full of quorn as its on offer, my daughter is a veggi so i might join her when I start back eating, she does eat fish sometimes, I fancy a really nice prawn salad yummy


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The third week is notoriously sh*tty! I was full of the joys of life one minute and the next like a grumpy crappy miserable so and so! A joy to live with!!

Those kind of days occasionally pop up but on the whole its not too bad. I can't wait to get back into ketosis and not feel hungry!!


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I'm not hungry I just really miss the taste of food so much I could cry:cry:
Bless you and of course you will get cravings and things. It is only natural considering we have only a small selection of tastes to choose at the moment, when we have been used to much more variety.

But, after 12 weeks I took a planned few days off total solution(not to be confused with add-a-meal) and had small samples of what I thought I had been missing, even the smallest sip of dry white wine tasted too sweet/thick/heavy. I was actually disappointed really because absolutely nothing tasted as good as I expected (a good thing I think.) In fact, I was quite relieved to get back to the comfort of my soups/shakes.

Of course, I am not advocating for anyone to do what I did but for me it has cured my cravings.

Love Myr xxx


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Thanks everyone it really helps to hear how everybody copes ! the good news is I get lots of me time in the bathroom I serve up their food and head off for a nice soak and pamper my fake tan and nails look great lol x
Mrs B...it's no secret I caved earlier this week which has made me suffer more I reckon. It has only reinforced my need though to get through this. WE can achieve our goals and if that involves a scream or a blub now again, so be it! Stick in...x


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Well done on getting to the third week. x x

When I feel crappy/ratty/full of cravings...I have a long deep bubble bath. It temporarily removes the negative feelings and I usually feel refreshed and back on track.

Keep up the good work....you can do it! x x

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