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I dont feel good any more

Hi all,

I dont feel very good at all at the moment. This is the 3rd day of feelin bad (I'm 19 days into LT) now and it feels like its getting worse.

I have no energy whatsoever and feel breathless and tired just moving about in general. It should be totm yesterday but that is late, but thats not unusual for me.

I keep feeling like I really need (not want) something to eat and I'm consumed with should I maintain and go do a bit of atkins because I really dont want to break my diet but I feel I cant carry on feeling like this, I'm not enjoying the shakes any more either! :sigh:

My head is battered and I dont know what to do. I'll carry on til WI on tuesday that wont be a problem. I hope I feel better soon!
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awww molly sorry to hear you feel unwell, are you coming down with something. Can you rest, can you change the way you have your shakes, take a bath, pamper yourself drink water etc etc xxx hope you feel better soon.


I will do this!!!
Hey day 3 was the worse day for me, i felt so rough, my whole body ached and i nearly gave up but i didnt.....and thank god. By the end of the 1st week i felt great! Please dont give up because it get sooo much better i PROMISE!!


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If you only on day 3 your probably not in ketosis yet,once that hits you should pick up,as in stop feeling like food,more energy etc,& you also have the extra bug bare of being due on!! poor you... hope things improve soon for you,stay strong. caz xx
Pizzle I'm on day 19 today. Have felt brill most of the time up till now. I'm not ready to chuck in the towel just yet though but somethings got to give cause I cannot carry on feeling like this.

Thanks Angie, all I'm doing is resting, not got the energy to do much more. Its like I've ground to a halt.


I will do this!!!
Sorry i though you said this is day 3 not this is the 3rd day iv felt rough (sorry). All i can suggest is whats already been said have a bath, relax and maybe think things through about whether this is right for you. It'll be such a shame to lose you now after all youv done so well :)
Hi hun, really hope you start feeling better soon, ask them to check your blood pressure at your weigh in as if that has dipped a bit it can make you feel bad. It happened to me but picked up again within a few days.

Also is possible you have picked up a virus or something that isn't necessarily to do with LT. Whatever, keep us posted on how you get on x
Hi Tara, I maybe am a bit under the weather. I'll mention it on tuesday WI see what they say.

I forgot to say in OP that I keep feeling dizzy aswell, have quite dark rings under my eyes and have a bit of indegestion.

God I'm a moaning cow. :) I want to be better and buzzing again!!
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awww hun, it sounds like your coming down with something, its not like ya to be down on yourself, ya are always bubbly and happy. Go have a bath and have some "me" time, ya will be as right as rain again tomorrow, all the best with your weigh in on tuesday I will be thinking about ya

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