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I don't know what to do, may I have some help please?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I had a baby 11 months ago, I had a very difficult pregnancy and, being bed bound for the second half, sat and comfort ate meaning I put on so much more weight than I should have done.. I haven't been able to lose weight since she was born as if I have started to lose weight my milk supply just goes and she loses weight.. She's not having many breastfeeds a day now but she is still feeding a reasonable amount at night so I can't do anything to quick in terms of weight loss..

Would Weight Watchers work for me? The meals we eat are very healthy but I know the portions are too big, the points might work for me? I don't really want to stay this weight for ever..
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I know a couple of people who are breastfeeding and doing WW it works for them so I cant see why it wont work for you - and it will definitely help you with portion control
you will need some good scales so you can weigh and measure your food but apart from that nothing special is needed but the ww calculator is a handy thing to have :)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
OK, I have some good kitchen scales, so that's a start! I'll see if I can get to any classes - is it better to go to classes or can you do it on your own? I work shifts so won't always be able to go depending on whether I'm working..


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Hi Sunflowers ((hugs))
No sure re the breastfeeding, as I've never had a baby, but am on my 3rd week of WW and I'm not going hungry at all :)
I just looked on the WW site and you get allocated extra points if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, and there's a leaflet you can get from a leader about it.
Sounds like it's def worth looking into :)


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I prefer to go to class - I think its best for the first few weeks at least - so you learn the plan - let the leader know you work shifts and can only make alternate weeks - it wont be a problem
and good luck
Hi You!

Lovely to see you - are you going to put up a more recent pic of the gorgeous Jocelyn?

I started WW a couple of months ago - it is slow but sure. I have a monthly pass which gives me internet access and I find it invaluable. I still need the classes though as Aaleigha said, it really helps to keep the focus. I do all my weight tracking online & there's bound to be someone here who has a spare points calculator for you to start with. (They may be available in the pack that is being offered to new monthly pass members).

You might also want to check out Slimming World - they also allow for breastfeeding mums (I think). Different regime but the way they structure foods may be more to your taste.

Can't believe the babies are coming up for their 1st birthdays:eek: Have you heard from Bea at all?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thanks guys.. Hubby and I have done some chatting over the last 24 hours and we've decided I'm going to start weaning jocelyn with an aim to stopping by the end of the month, she'll be over 12 months then and I'll start Cambridge again on the 1st June. Thank you so much for answering me though!

Helen - Good luck with WW, I hope it works for you! No, I popped back on to the thread in the pregnancy bit but it's all a bit quiet in there now!!

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