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I dont want to pass my hang ups onto my 5yr old but can see it happening ;-(


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I blame a lot of my food hang ups on my mum as when I was younger she suffered from anorexia and I was constantly told she was fat and I was fat.

One thing I swore was that I wouldn't pass my hang ups onto my daughter but I can see it happening. She is only 5 but already complains about how her tummy sticks out or that her friends are prettier than her ;-( I constantly tell her how amazing and beautiful she is and I'm so sad she says these things.

I never talk in front of her about diets but she obviously knows mummy isn't eating properly as I'm not sitting down for dinner etc. She even tries to feed me up!

Please help me. My mums hang ups have blighted my entire life and I'd never forgive myself if I did the same to her xx
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my daughter is 9 so i have same problem she knows i'm not eating and i'm not keen on her thinking thats the way to do it. so often i pretend i have eaten. i know its lying to her but i'd rather do that than her have a eating disorder and when she is with me i try to have soup so she thinks nothing of it and sometimes put a ss meal in. is she at school in the day. if so you could have porriage in the morning make her ready brek so shes having the same . if you aren't keen on porriages try a different flavour and play with the water alittle i like mine with lots of water. then when shes at school you can have what ever you want cause she can't see you then have soup or a ss+ meal at night she won't know any different then.
the other thing i'm trying to do is not pass on my food habits my daugther is a gymnast (started this so she liked exercise) and she naturally eats healthy but she likes her food but she eats lots of the right things.
so i think she will be ok.
good luck hun i know its tough but you won't be on this forever and when you are finished it gives you more reason to eat healthy to show her how to do it.