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  1. Seaneen

    Seaneen Short and pink

    Although I'm doing this diet to the letter, and only have 2 stone to go, I just don't feel like I'm losing weight, and I can't imagine even looking different.

    My goal weight is about 8 stone, but I am starting to think that even that won't be enough. I have sooo much fat around my stomach, legs and arse that it seems so much more than 2 stone. I'm from a family of tiny little stick figures and I always feel huge next to them.

    I am flagging too because I just want to buy some homous and dip some cucumber in it so that I feel like a real person again. I haven't given in, even when I've been out with friends who are eating (like tonight). But I miss food, yet I want to shift this weight so badly.

    I've lost a stone now but I don't look or feel any different.
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  3. shinyhappyperson

    shinyhappyperson Silver Member

    Hi Seaneen, I thought you were really pretty in the photo's you posted of yourself last week. You've lost one third of the weight, so think how well you've done and try to keep up the good work. If you do have a lapse, just bear in mind it will slow down you reaching your target, but doesn't mean you have to give up.

    Keep up the good work - how long did the 14lbs take?
  4. Fuffa

    Fuffa Member

    HI Sean,

    Come on you CAN do this. Our goals are the same.If I can do it (nearly) then so can you honestly just carry on and you'll be in the 9s then the 8s in no time. I'm so very nearly in the 8s right now and tomorrow I have to come off SS:( which I don't want to do. I also feel fat and ugly and I shouldn't do we are no longer overweight so come on lets pull ourselves together :D do you want me to be your diet buddy twinnie? let me know and I'll send you my msn or facebook:D xxx
  5. Seaneen

    Seaneen Short and pink

    3 weeks. My OH professes that there is a difference but I don't see it. I still feel elephantine.

    I am also bothered by my own hypocrisy. I am, intellectually, a member of the Fat Acceptance movement. But psychologically, I cannot bear to be this weight. Quite a lot of my friends are critical of me being on this diet. I feel critical of myself.

    Why do you have to stop?

    A buddy might be good, thanks. My facebook is:

  6. Fuffa

    Fuffa Member

    Oh because I have to eat as I'm under25 BMI:( Have mailed u on facebook x
  7. LOL, you want to try being a size 26, then you'll feel elephantine!! ;-)
  8. shinyhappyperson

    shinyhappyperson Silver Member

    Try not to be so hard on yourself - I think we all try to make out that we are happy with our weight and being fat doesn't bother us, but I guess everyone on here knows that's not true or we wouldn't be doing such a radical diet. You do what makes you happy, not your friends.

    Three weeks is great for losing 14lbs. Trust your OH, why would they say it shows if it doesn't. Anyway, going by your BMI, there must be a visible difference.

    Try to cheer up and keep positive. :hug99:
  9. Seaneen

    Seaneen Short and pink

    I never really think that confidence is directly related to size. When I was 13 stone a few years ago, I was more confident than I was at 11 stone recently.
  10. My sister lost thirteen stone, went from a size 32 to a size 6/8. When she was bigger she was such a confident and outgoing person, when the weight came off she became absolutely obsessed with food, lived off a bowl of soup a day, exercised like a maniac, and became so body conscious that her confidence disappeared. I am a size 26 and THE most confident person ever much more confident than my skinny sis. I think that bigger people have no choice to be confident because we need to be to survive. It really pees me off that fat people are treated as THE biggest social outcast, worse than druggies even. People look at me in disgust sometimes, but merely glance at a heroin addict. Oh well, they'll eat their words LOL! I wear a tshirt that says SKINNY ***** on it, I couldn't give a hoot what people think about me now.
  11. to lose long trek

    to lose long trek Full Member

    You are doing really well and my hubby said the same thing to me and you tend to think they are just saying it to help you stay focussed. I am sure others notice a difference before we do - we tend to be over critical of ourselves when we feel vulnerable. I have been at the diet since beginning of Jan and certainly for me initially I couldnt see the difference, but I sure can now and its worth perservering to get to that stage. We all lose weight and inches at different rates and as long as you are following the plan you are using and not cheating - you will achieve the target you so badly want. No point in seeking a short term solution but use the separation from regular food as a time when you can re-evaluate the need for the choices you made and could make now in the future to manage your weight. Then when you are ready to progress, learn portion control and also recognise is it hunger/thirst or do I want this for comfort? When you reach this stage you will find you are back in control - because often we use food not as a fuel to keep our engine going but compensation for disappointment in something or someone, controlling high emotions, coping with tiredness etc etc - you may find that when you recognise the difference - all will become clear. Most of us tend to have more of a problem with health or breathlessness than just feeling its a size thing. Why are you doing this diet; there should only be one reason - you want to enjoy a healthy life and that is usually improved by taking off excess weight. Dont head for a one size fits all - aim to become a person with a healthy BMI and improve your quality of life.
    Meantime, reward yourself with some sort of pampering to pretty up the inner me - to do something for you (not necessarily expensive but dear to YOUR heart) Whatever you do, value yourself as worthy of wanting the best for yourself and not just being made to feel valueless by a.n. other. No-one has the right to judge a person for their size, or indeed anything else - you must be comfortable with the size you are or want to be and its not dependant on anyone elses view. Look in the mirror, see that warm hearted nice person smiling directly at you.
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