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I feel

Like i am not accepted on this forum because i am not on a starvation esq diet like Cambridge or something.

i came here above others that i had found because it didnt seemed to be full of anorexic kids talking about how much they had puked that day
What i have found is a group of women (and men) who REFUSE to accept there is any other way to loose weight than these crash diets which i am so not into!

i feel like trying to live my life healthly, rather than relying on a starvation fueled liquid diet has made me an outsider here

I shant be returning, i have found next to no support or advice here that hasnt been either condescending or sparse

i am truely sorry for wasting your time and i will take my thought elsewhere

thank you to Taz and one or two others that have ever bothered to talk to me

hugs - Fi

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Oh Feeb, sorry you feel like that. I agree that there are quite a lot of people on here that are following VLC diets but there are also quite a few regulars here who are following other plans such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conolly and even others who are following their own plans of calorie counting, weightloss by excercise etc. (sorry if I missed any particular group)

What plan are you following?

I've found that no matter what plan people follow, their needs for support are the same because diets/healthy eating plans are not really about the food we eat but our relationships to food and the emotional effect it has on us.

I hope you stay and give these forums a little bit more of a chance as there are really some great people here who, whichever diet community they belong to, have some wonderful supportive advice. Also, its quite fun too and a great place to share. No one judges, no one thinks one plan is better than the others, we all do what suits us and that seems to work.

Good luck Feeb, hope to see you around the site.

L x


Says it as it is!!!
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I think eating healthy is fine... i have tried it but failed hundreds of times The best i ever did was on a low GI diet, but still failed my addiction is comfort eating. Yes, i am now on Lipo trim... i must say though its not a starvation diet as all the nutriants you need are within the shakes bars etc ... and it is medically supervised (going as far as some doctors recommend it!)
I would love to be like you and eat health and loose weight, but first i need to change my realtionship with food. So doing LT was the best option for me as i am an all or nothing kinda person.
But, afterwards i am not going to diet (hopefully) i am looking to follow a healthy eating plan to maintain my weight.
Hope it gets better for you


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I am sorry you haven't felt supported on minimins but I agree that there is a lot of us who follow other diets. I, myself, am on slimfast and I know there is a few people who simply do a calorie controlled diet. Perhaps you were just looking at the wrong threads?

Good luck Feeb with your diet.

Take care



I've got the power
Hi, I actually find what you have said incredibly unfair to many of the members here.

Yes many of us are on a VLCD, nobody to my knowledge has ever claimed that VLCD's are the only way to lose weight. Many of us don't have a vast amount of support in our everyday lives, so come here to speak to others.

I don't believe anyone should have to justify their diet choices, it is a very personal commitment to each individual, and that encompasses all diets and lifestyles.
I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel like you fit in. There are a lot of people following VLCDs on here, but also there are loads who aren't! Don't forget, you can post anywhere, not just on the forum for the diet you are following. Sometimes the calorie-counting bit can get a little quiet, purely because there aren't that many people calorie counting.

We're here for support if you need us, so please don't feel you're not welcome!

D x