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I fell off the wagon.....

Last night i caved in and ate.....i don't know why and i have no excuses, i just really, really, really wanted food. I didn't come on here coz i new you would all do a wonderful job and talk me out of it - how bad is that??
Anyway, i am back on it today and a preparing myself for a week of pure misery again! Why oh why did i do it??!!:mad::confused:
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Tough love time...


Bad Amanda!! :mad: Naughty, naughty girl! :whoopass:

Don't do it again.

(Just in case you think I don't love you, here's some kissies xxx :))


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Don't beat yourself up hun, just draw a line and get back to it tomorrow!!! it'll be worth it if you do have a few days of hell in between. Good luck for this week. I bet also that the food wasn't as nice as you imagined it would be, I've always found this when I've fallen off the wagon!
Thanks RB...I won't do it again - promise! love you too, lol....
Your right hanloje it wasn't as nice.....i had my favorite chinese dish and it just didn't taste the same! xx
Oh and i felt like crap this morning!
Well you got through the first week once and you'll do it again doll. Just remember how you feel now next time you think about cheating and it'll be the best deterrent out there.


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Its okay babe,these things happen,you'll do grand back on the wagon x
i think the main thing is you feel bad about it as if you didnt you would be totally off it yourself, i bet you are more determined now. i dont think i need to say anything else to ya hun as you are telling yaself off enough. goodluck and stick to it. xx


Gonna be slim again
Right!!! Get over me knee, your in for a spanking girl!!!!
I didn't come on here coz i new you would all do a wonderful job and talk me out of it

This bit though, is naughtier than the cheating. It's what we're here for!! :rolleyes: Use us instead of the chinese next time ;) xx
Dont worry hun, these things happen - life is too short and all that. Its your life, you do what you want.

It will be interesting to hear how you get on, going back into full-on LT, as to how much difference the one meal makes to your ability to deal with ketosis and the weekly WI result. xx
I know - but your all sooooo good, and i was feeling sooooo naughty. I will definately come on here next time, although there WONT be a next time! xx
Salior jack, where do you live, i'm on my way! he he
Atta girl!! That's the spirit! :D
Amanda, what's done is done so just put it behind you and start anew. You can do this, if I can then anyone can! We are here for you hun so use us and remember how bad you are feeling now next time you have the urge to eat.

Good luck.

Just think tomorrow is monday its a new week and a new start at least you know what made you lapse so try to avoid that situation in the near future


Says it as it is!!!
I am not going to answer this!!!
You know i will just say you silly sod!!! And chuffing chinese!!!! NO!!! Its not ok!! You didnt even log on ... i think the worse thing about it was it was pre planned! Self sabotarge!
Sit down give your head a wobble, have a word and don't do it again.. or next time i will answer lol oopsss maybe i just did
every time you eat you make your journey longer and harder for yourself... Drink lots do some exercise and jump back on the train !!
Milk tray man... it takes time to affect your weigh loss, so may not show.... and it not an advisable thing to do

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