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:-( I gave in...

So I weighed tonight first time since Glastonbury (last time I'll ever mention it on here I promise) and I stayed the same, pleased as I was worried about this. However I did restart SS though so I kind of expected it would be better than carrying on eating until I'd seen my CDC tonight.

Anyhow, I celebrated with a large chicken kebab with salad and quite a bit of onion... I didn't have the pitta bread. The worst thing is, I felt guilty before eating it, now I feel triple guilty after eating it :( Its the first time I've really caved now I'm mad at myself although I did really want it if you know what I mean.

I restarted SS on Wednesday so I'm still going through the ketosis stage, have I completely flipped things upside down now?

Thank you :( x
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I doubt it. You have had a break and not much damage done. You haven't had a carb feast so you should be alright. If you stick at it now 100% I bet you'll be o.k. I think when you get weighed again and you've lost weight that you'll feel like youre back on track.
Good luck,
Aw thanks Ceri :) I appreciate it. I really hope so, it is so crazy how much that one bit of temptation that you give in to then leads on to reality and you just think "ah **** it I'll just have a bit more..". Its so understandable why we've all ended up in this position of needing to do this diet now though. I keep having deep lil thoughts into it all but trying to drift from it and can't lol.

How's it going for you Ceri?? Hope you're still doing well deary xx
P.s. I'm really craving a bar now shall I just give in?

Today I've had 1 tetra followed by the kebab about 2 hours ago.

Lol, here's me all getting worked up about having a kebab now asking if I can have a bar... :-S


Water water everywhere
Have a glass of water, take yourself off to bed and wake up feeling refreshed and ready and raring to grab the SS bull by the horns.

Don't let the guilt turn a small lapse into a big downhill slope. Forget about it, don't dwell on it and feel confident you CAN do it if you focus enough.

Tomorrow is a new day a fresh start the beginning of the rest of your weight loss journey :)
I just done the same thing, gave in and had some food it wasnt much just 1 duck pancake thing, a chicken fillet with gravy and a peach but feeling much better for it, was feeling a bit weak before hand. Im gonna draw a line under it and start fresh in the morning. Think it was just the sitting watching a film with the hubby that made me slip.


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Don't eat the bar!! ( This coming from total bar addict!) Tell yourself that you are not allowed to drink a black coffee, I bet you'll start craving one then. Stupid brains of ours. If apples were bad and chocs were good we'd all be craving apples!!!
Diet's going fine AM, thanks for asking. 4lbs to 'healthy' range. Still got a big old tum though. Need to get active!!! Booooo!

You can do it, think Glasto next year...wearing what you want....eating what you want..etc
Thanks guys I think I'm gonna do just that and keep reading up on this website till I finally think I'll sleep (I have pure sleeping problems lol)
Just a little fed up of it at the moment. I keep thinking about the whole relaxed mood of Glastonbury, seeing people drink and eat their hearts out its all a bit weird to take in I guess. Working in an office too... I Guess a kebab isn't as bad as it could've been when I'm surrounded by nice food all the time (as like I'm sure you guys are too.)

Vicki, a duck pancake is the best thing you could EVER have in the world to "cheat" on a diet, how lush are they!!?? I wish I had one rather than a kebab now, mmm lol :p

Thanks guys

Water, Minimins, maybe a bar and bed it is! x
*takes back my bar comment before replying to Ceri :-D*
I too am becoming an addict to the bar. One day at Glasto I had 3 hahaha, I had food later on that evening too.. toffee ones, whats your fave Ceri?? MMM. Ok just for you (and my body of course lol) I'm going to resist the bar, I'll have a smoke, pepsi max and water instead :)

You know, I really genuinely do crave apples!!!!!!!! More than chocolate haha, I really want an apple but I know that'll deffo take me out of ketosis (right?) I dunno why I'm asking I don't want to tempt more fate lol. I'm always interested in knowing this stuff though.

4lbs to "healthy range" thats so good, well done Ceri thats awesome!! I remember our talk about the belly thing before I'm exactly the same as you, lose weight from everywhere except the place I REALLY want to lose it (the tum). Guess exercise is the answer *gets out of breath by the thought* hassle!! ha. You'll get there though, keep on going, you've done so well! It has to come off at some point I figure!

Don't freak out about your little bar addiction going on, at least you're still losing and thats all that matters really! I read just now that you lose 1-2lbs on the 1000 plan... how good is that???!!!!!

4lbs time you'll be heading for maintinence right!?

Haha, thank you! If I'm slim for next years Glasto...I think I might go true hippy stylee and nude the long weekend! xx


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Heehee at the nude thing...good therapy for body image hang-ups!!
The chocolate goo bar! Never been in the wrapper long enough to look at what it's called..but yum!!My fav!
Apples? God wish I craved them instead of Bounties! Didn't even care for them much before CD!!!
Have you read Icemooses thread on tummy tuck...has so put me off. Will never get rid of the sag-bag now! I suppose there's always staples!!!
Haha, it would be so funny, i don't even walk round my house in a strappy top let alone nude, but if I were slim I would for the crack!

mmmm bounties, I forgot about them! hahaha, god they are so good. Ok...lets forget that and remember that CD bars are great too!
Yeah I'm really weird seriously Ceri, after Glasto me and Soph were driving home we stopped at Sainsburys to buy some bad food to make the most of before starting SS again the next day (turned into day after) I did buy something bad but I can't completely remember, oh I know..peanuts! But then after that I bought loads of fruit...I've always craved fruit though, its not normal lol.
No hun, I've not read it recently. He hasn't got poorly has he? My eyes are starting to drift off but I'm going to give it a go now if not I'll follow it up in the morrow.

Speak soon :) xx


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we stopped at Sainsburys to buy some bad food to make the most of before starting SS again the next day

Am chuckling away, that's exactly what I do when fallen of the wagon!!!!
No, Mike isn't ill. He's just been very honest about the whole experience and has been wondering if all the pain is worth it. I think it's a bit too soon for him to know really.
As far as cravings go.....mine is just FOOD!
Haha, it has to be done once we've failed eh Ceri? Haha. Good old Sainsbury's catered for our needs!
Poor Mike :-( I keep meaning to read his thread and don't get around to it. I will do after Big Bro though so I can fully concentrate :)

Sophie hasn't used this much lately has she, lol crazy girl. She will be back soon no doubt, she's really struggling too at the moment...but I know that she'll be ok within a few more days of SS. I'll let her know you were asking after her, thank you! :)

Hope alls well xx

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