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I give up, I need food!


I WILL be thin!!
I cant do it anymore. I'm so close but now know I can no longer do CD without food. I'm skipping going onto 810 and looking at 1000. I'm hoping for a good weightloss on that to get to my last stone loss. Any advice? Do I start on step a or b?
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Hi - I'm sorry I have no advice as on SS - can you talk to your CDC?
I keep getting those feelings of just wanting food and might try ss + soon if it carries on.

Good Luck with your last stone.


I WILL be thin!!
No, my CDC is useless, shes only good to buy my stock from :( I'm having to rely on here for advice.


Laugh, love, live!
You're doing so well hon, congratulations on your achievements. Why don't you do a few days on 810 then move up to 1000 so you ease yourself into it. See how you feel about introducing food that way :)x Good luck!


I WILL be thin!!
I've been yoyo-ing since Xmas and have only stabilised by doing SS when my weight goes up. At the weight I am at the moment, I dont think my body can take any more. I caved in yesterday with food so I need something more substantial and think 1000 is it...I hope!


I WILL be thin!!
I might also have to realise that I'm older and unable to be what I once was and that my body is comfortable where it is. Its just me that isnt happy where I am and I bought a size 10 jacket yesterday (well aware its probably a generous size as I'm a 12).
you have done so well so far ... whatever you do I am sure you can crack this last few pounds. good luck


I WILL be thin!!
Given I've lost in the region of 4+ stones, I really shouldnt complain, though I do :) But U've been to my CDC this morning and I'm a lot happier that I'm on the road to normality where food is concerned. ID even say I'm relieved that I made this decision. I'll just be looking here for advice as I go along. But the upshot is I'm eating food again, meals that I eat with my family, a social life again!
I know exactly how you are feeling !!! I lost the first 5 stone without a problem , then my body seemed to object and I have struggled ever since :( .. I am now at the stage where I manage 810 really well all week then blow out at the weekend , so I am only really loosing 1/2 lb a week or staying the same :( ...... I really think I now need to go on a plan such as slimming world to loose the last 1.5 stone .. although I am scared that it wont work and I will gain weight .. its so difficult to make a decision !!! I need to do something , either stick to 810 oswitch to SW as at the moment I am paying out to not loose weight ....
It is very difficult


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Hi TrueBlueAngel - at a BMI of under 25 - your CDC should be telling you SS is no longer allowed anyway, so you are right to go up.
The only thing I would have said is if you could, go up to 810 even for 2-3 days and then to 1000, as it may hurt your tummy a bit if you just jump straight up to food that's all, it just needs a little time to adjust to the carb increasement.